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Botany Manor: Chapter 4 – Botanical Allies Walkthrough



Botany Manor: Chapter 4 – Botanical Allies Walkthrough

Chapter four of Botany Manor will allow players to explore the areas on the upper floor of the Manor which players can reach by opening the Library Hall at the end of Chapter three. There are several rooms to explore and a couple of hidden areas to discover to get all the necessary clues for the rare flowers to grow.

This guide will help you walk through Chapter Four Botanical Allies in Botany Manor.

Chapter 4: Botanical Allies – Walkthrough

Clearing the fourth chapter will require players to grow three rare flowers named Brook Chalice, Nightfall,and Cradle Fern. Each flower has its own number of clues scattered around the various rooms on the first floor of the Manor that players must find and then use the respective protocols to grow them.

Gathering All Clues for the Flowers

As mentioned earlier, the clues are scattered around different rooms on the first floor of the Manor. Getting all the seeds for the flowers and the clues will also require you to solve a couple of puzzles to access secret and blocked areas.

You can follow the steps mentioned below along with the puzzle sections to get all the seeds and the clues for the flowers.

  • Enter the Library Hall and go to the left side to inspect the Fox and the Crow book and the Night Sky book.
  • Now, head up the stairs and inspect The Golden Fish book, The Hare and The Tortoise book, and The Rising Sun book.

Unlocking the Secret Room in the Library – Puzzle

Upon inspecting all five books, go down to the start of the library and you will see a bookshelf with five switches. Each switch has an identical portrait on it respective to the book and each one represents a certain time of the day. The Rising Sun represents Dawn, the Golden Fish represents Morning, the Hare and the Tortoise represent Noon, the Fox and the Crow represent Evening, and the Night Sky represents Night.

To open the secret room, you need to press the five switches to complete the order of the time of the day. You can follow and press the buttons in the order mentioned below.

  1. The Rising Sun – no. 3 switch
  2. Golden Fish – no. 2 switch
  3. Hare and the Tortoise – no. 4 switch
  4. Fox and the Crow – no. 5 switch
  5. Night Sky – no. 1 switch

Doing it correctly will move the bookshelf and give you access to a secret room.

Continue Gathering the Clues

  • Head inside the secret room and inspect all the Sunset Paintings, an Old Newspaper, and Grandma’s Research book.
  • Pick up the Study room key and the Nightfall seeds.
  • Go out of the secret room and make your way to the study room across the library. Use the key to unlock the Study.
  • Enter the room and inspect all the Eggs, the Tree Diseases book, the Fungi Book, and the Professor’s Note.
  • Pick up the Sapphire Gloom seeds.

Now, before we can continue ahead, we need to solve another puzzle and that is removing the tree to access the door on the balcony.

Removing the Tree inside the Manor – Puzzle

To remove the tree inside the main hall of the Manor, you need to grow the Sapphire Gloom flower. After getting its seeds from the Study, open the Forgotten Flora book and add the following clues into its section.

  • Mushroom Book
  • Tree Diseases

Now, go to the planting desk just outside of the main hall and plant the Sapphire Gloom seed into a pot. After planting the seed and watering it, bring it to the tree and place it down on the saucer beside the tree. The Sapphire Gloom flower will grow and the tree will be removed.

Continue Gathering the Clues

  • Head upstairs and open the door on the balcony to reach a hallway. Inspect the Trapped Fairy Painting, the Letter About Weeds, and the Cradle Fern Painting.
  • Now, go to the end of the hallway and enter the bedroom to inspect a Petition note, Weed Removal Ad, and the Trapped Fairy Story.
  • Pick up the Cradle Fern seeds.
  • Go into the bathroom and inspect the Plumbing Quote and Bath Geyser Manual.

There will be several pieces of pipe lying around in the bathroom that you need to pick up one by one and attach to the pipe to fix it.

  • After fixing the pipe in the bathroom, go out of the bedroom and head straight to enter a room to a bell tower. Here, inspect the River Trust Letter and the Government Notice.
  • Pick up the Attic Key and head to the next room. Inspect the Rivers of Somerset Poster and the Letter About Melodies.
  • Now, head upstairs and inspect the Bird Calls Look.
  • Go out of the bell tower and head down into the hallway to unlock the Attic room with the key. Here, inspect the Moths of England Poster, Trapped Moths Leaflet, and the Moth Calendar.
  • Head upstairs into the attic and inspect the Sight of Plants book and the Botanist’s Digest news.
  • Pick up the Brook Chalice seeds.

Adding Clues to the Flowers

Upon gathering all the clues for the flowers, open the Forgotten Flora book and add the correct clues to the respective flowers.

Nightfall Clues:

  • Sunset Paintings
  • Fairy Painting
  • Fairy Story
  • Grandma’s Research
  • Moths Poster
  • Moth Calendar
  • Trapped Moths
  • Sight of Plants

Cradle Fern Clues:

  • Fern Painting
  • Bird Eggs
  • Bird Calls
  • Letter About Melodies
  • Petition

Brook Chalice Clues:

  • Weed Removal
  • Letter About Weeds
  • Bath Geyser
  • River Poster
  • River Trust
  • Government Notice

Growing Flowers

After declaring the correct clues for all three flowers, it’s time to grow them. We have listed the steps for each flower separately.

Steps for Growing Cradle Fern:

  • Go to the Planting Desk in the corridor and plant the Cradle Fern seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Now, take the pot and head upstairs to the bell tower and place it on the saucer.
  • Play the Crested Owl melody (E > C > D > E > G > F) by pulling the bell ropes and the Cradle Fern flower will grow.

Steps for Growing Brook Chalice:

  • Go to the Planting Desk and plant the Brook Chalice seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Now, take the pot into the bathroom and place it in the bathtub.
  • Head up to the Attic, pick up the Rusty Pig piece, and bring it to the bathroom to place it beside the pot.
  • Interact with the valve of the Geyser and turn it to 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Interact with the water tap to fill the bath and the Brook Chalice flower will grow.

Steps for Growing Nightfall:

  • Go to the Planting Desk and plant the Nightfall seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Now, take the pot up to the Attic and place it in front of the projector.
  • Pick the Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red Picture Slides one by one and add them to the projector’s slide holder.
  • Once done, press the red button on the projector to start sliding pictures, and the Nightfall will grow.

Accessing the Formal Garden

After growing both of the flowers, you will get a notification of delivery at the Gatehouse. Go out of the Manor and follow the main path to the Gatehouse. Here, you will find an Apology Letter from Jimmy and the Formal Garden Key.

Go back to the Manor and head to the Back Terrace. Go down the stairs and you will find the locked door to the Formal Garden. Use the key to unlock it and it will conclude chapter four and initiate chapter five, Climbing Up.

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