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Botany Manor: How to Grow Nightfall



Botany Manor: How to Grow Nightfall

Nightfall is one of the rare flowers in Botany Manor that players must grow during Chapter Four to progress ahead. During this chapter, players will be exploring the upper floors of the Manor for which they will have to solve a couple of puzzles and gather the necessary clues and seeds of the flowers.

This guide will help you in growing the Nightfall flower in Botany Manor.

How to Grow Nightfall in Botany Manor

Growing Nightfall will require you to get its seeds and eight necessary clues through which you can figure out the procedure to grow it. The clues needed for Nightfall are the following.

Nightfall Clues:

  • Sunset Paintings
  • Fairy Painting
  • Fairy Story
  • Grandma’s Research
  • Moths Poster
  • Moth Calendar
  • Trapped Moths
  • Sight of Plants

Gathering All Clues of Nightfall

To get the required clues about Nightfall, players will first have to find a secret room in the Library Hall as well as get access to the Corridor on the first floor past the Library Hall for which they have to remove the tree in the Manor.

NOTE: Finding the Secret Room in the Library Hall and removing the Tree in the Manor requires their own unique solution. If you want to get more information on them, check out our complete walkthrough guide on Chapter Four of Botany Manor.

You can follow the following steps to get all the clues and the seeds for Nightfall.

  • Head inside the secret room and inspect all the Sunset Paintings, an Old Newspaper, and Grandma’s Research book.
  • Pick up the Nightfall seeds.
  • Head into the Corridor and inspect the Trapped Fairy Painting.
  • Go into the Master Bedroom at the end of the corridor and inspect the Trapped Fairy Story.
  • Now, go to the Bell Tower in front of the bedroom and pick up the Attic Key.
  • Head to the start of the corridor and use the key to get inside the attic. Here, inspect the Moths of England Poster, Trapped Moths Leaflet, and the Moth Calendar.
  • Head upstairs into the attic and inspect the Sight of Plants book and the Botanist’s Digest news.

After gathering all the clues, you will be able to add all the necessary clues for Nightfall in the Forgotten Flora book.

Growing Nightfall

Growing the Nightfall flower will require the following set of steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the Planting Desk and plant the Nightfall seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Now, take the pot up to the Attic and place it in front of the projector.
  • Pick the Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red Picture Slides one by one and add them to the projector’s slide holder.
  • Once done, press the red button on the projector to start sliding pictures, and the Nightfall will grow.

Once you have grown Nightfall, you can proceed to start growing Brook Chalice and Cradle Fern, the other two required flowers that are mandatory for the completion of the chapter.

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