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Botany Manor: How to Grow Springdance Shrub



Botany Manor: How to Grow Springdance Shrub

Springdance Shrub is one of the rare flowers in Botany Manor that players must grow during Chapter Five, the final chapter of the game During this chapter, players will be exploring the Formal Garden area to gather the necessary clues and seeds of the flowers.

This guide will help you in growing the Springdance Shrub flower in Botany Manor.

How to Grow Springdance Shrub in Botany Manor

Growing Springdance Shrub will require you to get its seeds and seven necessary clues through which you can figure out the procedure to grow it. The clues needed for Springdance Shrub are the following.

Springdance Shrub Clues:

  • Greeting Card
  • Soil pH Research
  • Pigment Research
  • Hydrangeas
  • Pot Catalogue
  • Bird Seeds
  • Bird Poster

Gathering All the Clues for Springdance Shrub

Most of the clues and the seeds of Springdance Shrub are found in the bird park area next to the Formal Garden area whereas the rest of the clues are found beside the building in the Formal Garden. You can follow the steps mentioned below to get all the clues and the seeds for the Springdance Shrub Flower.

  • Go towards the staircase going down to the Boat House and look to the left side to see a pergola. Go inside the pergola to pick up the Springdance Shrub seeds.
  • Go to the left side of the main building in the Formal Garden.
  • Open the shed to inspect the Growing Hydrangeas leaflet and Pot Catalogue.
  • Now, go up the stairs beside the arch and keep following the path until you see a table with a set of chairs on the right side. Go near it and inspect the Soil pH Research and the Pigment Research.
  • Keep following the path and inspect the Bird seeds on the table near the bench in front of a small building.
  • Head into the building to inspect the Bird Poster.
  • Now, go back to the main building and go upstairs to inspect the Greeting Card.

After finding all the clues for the Springdance Shrub flower, open the Forgotten Flora book to add them.

Growing Springdance Shrub

Growing the Springdance Shrub flower will require the following steps mentioned below.

  • Pick up the Sandstone Pot from the Shed and go to the Planting Desk to add soil to the Pot.
  • Now, take the pot back to the arch and place it on the saucer in front of the bottles. Add the Seaweed to the pot.
  • Take the pot back and plant the Springdance Shrub into the pot and water it.
  • Take the pot to the small building and place it on the saucer.
  • Grab the Bird Feeder from the table in front of the building and go to the birdhouse. Place the Bird Feeder on the pole beside the birdhouse.
  • Now, grab the other Bird Feeder in front of the Birdhouse and place it on the next pole.
  • You need to keep repeating the process of placing the Bird Feeders one by one on the next pole until the bird reaches the building. Make sure that you don’t go near the bird or it will fly back to the birdhouse and you have to repeat the process again.
  • Once the bird is at the building, the Springdance Shrub will grow.

After growing the Springdance Shrub flower, you can proceed to start growing Oscilette and Fool’s Emerlad, the other two flowers that are necessary for completing the final chapter of the game.

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