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Botany Manor Review: A Relaxing Botanical Adventure in an English Manor



Botany Manor Review: A Relaxing Botanical Adventure in an English Manor

The puzzle video games genre is among the top genres of Gaming but there is never surety that the game will provide a relaxing and immersive experience through its unique approach to puzzle-solving methods. Some puzzle video games can be straightforward which makes them boring after a while or some of them can be extraordinarily tricky which can lower the interest of a player.

However, there are very few puzzle video games that do a great job of captivating the players’ attention and providing them with a relaxing experience. Well, Botany Manor is one of those puzzle video games, developed by Balloon Studios and published by Whitehorn Games.  

It does a great job at getting the attention of players on growing rare flowers by making them explore a beautiful big English Manor for clues and then following certain unique procedures for each flower.


Botany Manor story takes place in the 19th century, a time of great scientific discoveries and you will get to play as a retired Botanist named Arabella Greene. She had a long successful career with a collection of rare flowers that are now long-forgotten and now, it is your job to flourish the forgotten flora by gathering the clues in her notes, books, paintings, posters, and other things scattered around her big English Manor.


The gameplay of Botany Manor is both unique and immersive as it does a great job of providing the needed information regarding the flowers in each chapter throughout its complete playthrough. As you begin the adventure, you start in the conservatory where you will pick up the Forgotten Flora book, your main tool for keeping all the information regarding the rare flowers.

At the start of each chapter, you will be notified about the number of flowers that you need to grow and you can learn their names by opening the Flora book. After that, as you start exploring the areas of the Manor available at the moment to start gathering the clues, they start adding in the Clues section from where you can depict them and choose them as the mandatory clues for growing flowers.

Clues are obtained from almost anything located in each area and room of the Manor. Inspect every note, book, and poster for potential clues about the flowers. Read the clues carefully so that you can depict which clue is valid for which flower. Every flower requires a certain number of clues after which you can get a clear view of what procedures to undertake to grow the flowers.

Each rare flower has a unique procedural method that you need to follow exactly as mentioned in the clues to grow it. It might also require you to read the respective clues again and again to get the correct temperature or height or other circumstances respective to the flower.

Upon progressing halfway through the game, you will also get to solve a few environmental puzzles around the Manor to get access to the secret areas where you will get to find some lore-related items along with essential clues. Another great thing about these puzzles is that they require the same clues depiction as flowers to find a solution for them so that you don’t feel any kind of sidetracking while solving these puzzles.

Sound and Visuals

Both the team of sound and visual designers of Botany Manor did an exceptional job of making the adventure feel alive through its relaxing soothing music and audio cues in the background and the vibrant and beautiful colors of the well-crafted small world.

Although there aren’t any voiced dialogues in the game, the layout of the Manor and the areas are so well-crafted and designed that you get to collect both the clues and the lore notes to imbue the narrative in the gameplay.

Verdict – Score 9/10

Botany Manor is a Puzzle-Solving Adventure Video Game that is highly focused on following the main journey. Despite any side activities or optional flowers in the game, the game still manages to keep the attraction of the players to keep a relaxed face and grow the rare flowers by depicting the needed procedures from the series of clues.

Botany Manor is now available on PC, XBOX Series X|S, XBOX One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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