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Broken Roads Review



Broken Roads Review

Broken Roads is a Role-Playing Adventure and Strategy Video Game developed by Drop Bear Bytes and published by Versus Evil and Team 17. It is a debut project of Drop Bear Bytes and they have created a somewhat appealing post-apocalyptic world where players will get to experience the thrill of survival through the turn-based combat and RPG feeling by making choices. However, it might fall beneath the expectations of a complete RPG.


The story takes place in post-apocalyptic Western Australia where 80% of the Australian population has been wiped off. People who have survived the attacks are adjusting themselves in the new Wasteland world where the resources are very limited. You take the role of a survivor to embark on a journey through Wasteland while meeting various important NPCs along the way for whom you have to make difficult choices to build your character.


The usual gameplay of Broken Roads is similar to other games of this genre like the Jagged Alliance series where you get to meet with several characters throughout the journey and undertake quests for them to help them. However, for this game, you are in a post-apocalyptic world where the resources are the main contention.

You start in a town named Brookton which gets attacked and burnt to the ground. As you get to speak with the survivors and progress ahead to the other towns, more of the plot line gets revealed which creates a good attention toward the story.

Throughout your journey to other towns, you can also see various events in the open world and explore the areas of the event to get your hands on the scarce resources. Other than that, you will also run into several individuals who can be recruited for the journey which is essential for getting through the fights against multiple foes.

Speaking of fights, the combat system in Broken Roads follows a turn-based system which is pretty basic and doesn’t require any complex strategies to win the fights. Throughout our journey, we only used covers and threw the grenades to win the fights. The general mechanics of the combat system is that every move you do will cost Action Points. Moving from one cover to the other will cost an action point, shooting a weapon, throwing a grenade, reloading a weapon, and healing, all will cost action points.

Another key mechanic in the combat system is the cover. Similar to other games with turn-based combat, cover plays a crucial role in Broken Roads and allows you to avoid getting hit by bullets. However, AI of enemies can push on your location to get an angle on you but ultimately it gives you the turn to attack them.

The major feature of Broken Roads is the Morality system which defines and builds your character by making choices throughout the journey. You will be introduced to this system fairly early in the game. The morality system is represented by a morality compass with four different variables to help you make a certain choice and respectively build your character.

Sound and Visuals

The visuals of the game look promising as they do a decent job of visualizing the post-apocalyptic world with in-depth cultural themes of Australia. Anyone who isn’t from there and is interested in connecting with the Australian people will easily enjoy the aesthetics of the game.

The overall sound design of the game is decent as well but the voicing of the characters could have been better, as these voices of the characters are the ones to reveal the plot lines in the story to make an impact and increase the attraction of players to the story.

Verdict – 6/10

Broken Roads pushes its limit in providing an immersive RPG experience but it falls behind in captivating players attention due to its uninspired quest lines. However, the turn-based combat and the morality system of the game are the ones that shine the most. Combat isn’t complex and fast-paced allowing players to complete the fights in a few minutes. The morality system works well for building your character by making all of the choices throughout the journey and shaping an ending to the story.

Broken Roads is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and macOS.

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