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Phantom Fury Review



Phantom Fury Review

Phantom Fury is a first-person Retro-Shooter video game developed by Slipgate Ironworks and published by 3D Realms. As Boomer-Shooter or Retro-Shooter video games are specifically enjoyed by their gruesome action throughout the playthrough, Phantom Fury does kind of fall into that pit. However, the approach of directing game progression with a narrative doesn’t hit the gut.


The story of Phantom Fury takes place years after the incident of Ion Fury, the predecessor of Phantom Fury. You play as Shelly Harrison wakes up from a Coma with a Bionic Arm that has the power to turn your enemies into a blood bath on a single hit. As you awaken, you will be tasked to save humankind by securing the Demon Core, a highly dangerous artifact.

To get the Demon Core, you will be going through various locations throughout the USA mixing first-person action with a road movie adventure. It is an OK plotline and what makes it even worse is that the narrative isn’t focused much despite needing to progress to the next level.


The gameplay of Phantom Fury has both ups and downs to it. Some features and mechanics make the game good and enjoyable while the others are just completely bland. For instance, the main core feature, combat is both good and OK and there are several reasons for it, whereas, the progressing feature of the game is completely unjustified.

The good of the combat is that there are several weapons that the game throws at you to just equip and shoot that anything moves in front of you. Use the pistols, the shotguns, the rifles, and even the fan-favorite returning Bowling Bombs. Run and gun through the areas to shoot down the enemies or just run up to them and use the Bionic Arms to turn them into pieces.

The variety of the arsenal is appreciative and there are many fun-to-use weapons, like one of my favorite ones is a Rifle that shoots Electrified Foam. Shoot the foam on the targets and in the surroundings to electrocute them. Furthermore, not only do you get a large variety of weapons at your disposal but there is also a wide range of unlockable skills and upgrades.

You unlock upgrades for your Bionic Arm and weapons as you clear the areas and progress through the game which makes using your Bionic Arm and weapons more fun. There is a shield that you unlock through your Bionic Arm’s upgrades which allows you to block the enemy attacks.

Another good feature that was added in Phantom Fury which works greatly is the interactable world which allows you to use computers to gain more lore on the world and the story, pick up any item and throw it around or on enemies, drive vehicles, helicopters, and much more. However, the vehicles are limited to the levels and the main story sequences so you do get to use them at least once.

Moving on to the bad approaches and OK mechanics of the game, the very first thing that you notice regarding the enemies as most of the enemies don’t even react to you shooting at them. They will stand and just take the bullets which lowers the engagement of players during the fight to some extent.

Another thing is that the combat itself isn’t very captivating and feels a bit odd. You can describe it as a bad try to achieve Half-Life action. However, it does grow on you as you play more but if you think that you are going to get an action-adventure like Quake or Doom, then you will be disappointed.

Lastly, one of the main features that I personally didn’t like and get is the no direction for progressing in the level at all. There is no map in the game and you just have to find everything on your own to trigger the final event of the stage to progress to the next stage. It only longer the stage without any purpose requiring you to revisit the cleared areas to see if you didn’t miss anything.

Sound and Visuals

When it comes to the sound and visuals of the game, they are pretty basic and could be far better related to the advanced tech that is shown in the game. One of my main concerns with the visuals is that both the blocked doors and unlockable doors look the same so you never know which ones to open and which ones to not.

Verdict – Score 6/10

Phantom Fury could have been a far better Retro-Shooter than it is now due to its mild story, decent combat, and tons of game-breaking bugs that will require you to either restart the game or the checkpoint to get past the bug. However, if you are someone who just wants to pass the time by shooting the enemies, blowing them up, or electrocuting them, Fury Phantom just might do you justice in those terms.

Phantom Fury is now available on Steam and later on Consoles.

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