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Go Fight Fantastic – Review



Go Fight Fantastic – Review

Go Fight Fantastic is a hack n’ slash co-op video game developed and published by Dinomite Games. Players will go on a difficult adventure either solo or with up to 2 friends (3 players) to fight off the invaders on Planet Bird. The game offers four different classes from which each player can choose one and take a role of the respective class to fight the enemies in a series of levels throughout the playthrough.


Go Fight Fantastic does offer a story mode along with a never-ending mode called “Horde Mode”. The story of Go Fight Fantastic is simple and cute yet terrifying as it gets very challenging with all the gooey monsters coming at you at once. Players take the role of smugglers who are on a mission on Planet Bird led by their captain named Bowie. Unfortunately, the Planet Bird gets under attack by the aliens and starts capturing the youngsters on the planet. Your job is to step in the shoes of a hero with your squad and prevent the aliens from the planet.


The general gameplay style of Go Fight Fantastic is to battle the enemies in a hack n’ slash playstyle which involves a lot of button-mashing to clear out the level by eliminating all the aliens. Each level goes on for about 12 – 15 minutes and at the end of each level, you will get to fight a boss that drops Meteorite gems and currencies which then can be later on equipped to your character for enhancing the passive abilities.

The Meteorite gems are hard to come by and each upgrade offers a unique passive ability respective to the character. If you are playing solo then you would have to equip the upgrades on certain characters for maximum output potential. Playing Solo allows you to switch among the three characters quite frequently throughout each level. However, if you are playing in co-op (local or online), you will get to stick to your selected character and use their abilities throughout the level.

The Horde Mode is slightly different than the story mode and the only difference in it is that it never ends. Defeat the aliens for as long as you can and the longer you stay alive, the more difficult it gets. Personally, I like the story mode better as it has unique elements to it like meeting with characters and strengthening the potential of your characters after each level.

Playing solo is definitely more difficult than playing in a co-op mode as you would have to switch the characters manually to tackle certain aliens according to the situation. Whereas, in co-op, your teammates or friends can go wild on the aliens with various attack synergies to eliminate the targets easily.

Audio and Visuals

The overall sound design of the game is decent but the music of the game feels mid. It doesn’t blend well with all the fast-paced action sequences and for the most time in my playthrough, I was vibing to my own playlist in the background. Another thing that doesn’t quite go well in the story mode is the writing of the characters. It felt like either they were trying too hard to be funny or just mid.

However, the visuals and the character design of Go Fight Fantastic look absolutely incredible. The graphics and the hand-drawn level designs are quite vibrant and do match the vibe of a fast-paced hack n’ slash game.  

Verdict – Score 7/10

Go Fight Fantastic is a good hack n’ slash game that will put you on a roguelike adventure where you can switch among four different classes whether you are playing solo or with friends. Making strategies on how to take down bosses with your friends is surely one of the best experiences in this game and you might not feel it while playing Solo as it is more challenging this way.

Go Fight Fantastic is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One Series X|S, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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