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Terra Memoria Review



Terra Memoria Review

Terra Memoria is an Indie Adventure JRPG developed by La Moutarde and published by Dear Villagers in which players get to go on a cozy yet terrifying adventure filled with various robotic enemy types. The game offers six different characters with unique abilities that will help each other throughout the journey. Go and explore the world to pursue the storyline which will often require you to craft and build structures and even solve puzzles.


The world in Terra Memoria is run by magic crystals but recently there has been a shortage of crystals and the supply of crystals has been completely cut off. Players begin in the city of Constance where they get to play as Moshang, the Mage, and protect the city against the ancient machines who went rogue.

Throughout the adventure, the game will offer six adorable characters with unique abilities that players can party up in combat to defeat enemies and progress ahead. Furthermore, the storyline of the game also puts the characters both in the past and the present to find out who is controlling the crystals.


The gameplay of Terra Memoria is very similar to other RPGs but it does follow a unique quest progression system which is very easy to read and follow. From the moment you start the journey, you will see a quest block popping up on the screen containing a number of objectives you must complete to conclude the quest. Furthermore, these quests can be tracked down from the well-designed menu allowing you to stay on track of progressing the story.

Apart from the main story progression by completing quests, the world of Terra Memoria has a lot to offer in terms of side quests and treasures. Players can pursue these side activities for additional rewards which can help greatly in future encounters with enemies or in crafting useful pins and structures.

Speaking of enemies, there is no great RPG with a smooth combat system and Terra Memoria does a great job of offering a turn-based combat system. The combat in Terra Memoria is nothing different than other successful titles out there with turn-based combat, however, there is an additional aspect to the system and that is Timeline. The Timeline is presented at the bottom of the screen indicating your party member and enemies’ positions.

All the participants in combat get to initiate their attack whenever their turn comes up. After making the move, the participant will get moved down in the timeline depending on the nature of the attack. It is where the strategic terms come into play. As there are several attacks for every character, choosing to make a normal attack that targets only one opponent will move the character only a few blocks down in the timeline, whereas, choosing to make a powerful attack that targets multiple enemies at a time will move the character all the way down in the timeline.

Upon making progress in the story and meeting all the characters will unlock new and powerful attacks which will make combat more fun. However, combat in Terra Memoria is not challenging at all as after every successful victory against the enemies, the HP of every character will replenish automatically. However, if you are on low HP during combat, you must consider using Potions to replenish HP as opponents’ attacks can be sometimes devastating.

Exploration also plays an essential role in providing a great feeling of RPG adventure in Terra Memoria and one of the crucial activities while exploration is camping. Camping concludes the overall experience for the day which includes completing quests, crafting structures, and defeating enemies. When you camp down, all of the experience is gathered for the characters to level them up allowing the characters to enhance their stats.

Furthermore, camping also allows you to cook delicious meals which permanently increase health points. There are several recipes in the game that you can cook using the required ingredients. Initiating the cooking activity will require you to complete a rhythm game in which you have to press the required buttons at the correct time.

Sound and Visuals

The sound design in Terra Memoria is crafted greatly as the world feels alive with vibrant colors and visual designs. The 3D world design along with pixel Art is crafted so well that it puts players back in nostalgia like they are playing an old PS game and with the cozy music playing in the background, it makes every step of the adventure feel great.

Verdict – Score 8.5/10

Terra Memoria is a great Indie adventure JRPG that offers a cozy adventure with six lovable characters who will help out each other throughout the journey. Explore the world and party up the characters for the fights and make strategies on which attacks to pursue to land early in the timeline to take less damage from the opponents. All the small activities like crafting, building, camping, and cooking also make the journey much more appealing and fun.

Terra Memoria is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and macOS,

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