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WWE 2K24 Review: A Worthy Successor



WWE 2K24 Review: A Worthy Successor

When it comes to the action-packed professional wrestling video game, WWE 2K always provides a joyful endeavor of players’ fan-favorite wrestlers going at each other in a series of match types. As there have been several WWE titles under the banner of WWE 2K, WWE 2K 24 is the tenth title for 2K which brings back a roster of over 200 wrestlers and several game modes each offering a unique experience. With these many new additions, the only thing left to uncover is that is it really a worthy successor of past titles or not.


The first and foremost aspect of WWE 2K24 that any old player would ask is how the game actually different and feels. Well, right off the bat, the feeling of the game is quite more responsive and fewer glitches than ever before. The physics while throwing your opponents or launching at them is never broken so it does feel good.

In terms of the Gameplay mechanics, it is pretty much the same if only you think about throwing punches at your opponents and grabbing them to perform various moves. All the premises of the Light Attacks, Heavy Attacks, Blocking, Dodging, and Reversal are the same as the previous installments but a very noticeable change is in the Finisher Move of the Superstars and it is called the Super Finisher.

This Super Finisher addition is quite impressive and devastating for the opponents as they don’t get a glimpse of hope for kicking out once they receive a Super Finisher from your selected Superstar. However, not all the Superstars have the capability of performing the Super Finisher so be sure to check the Move List of your Superstar from the menu to confirm it.

In addition to the Super Finisher, another great gameplay mechanic that has been added to the regular playstyle is the Trading Blows. This new mechanic brings up a brief mini-game on the screen for both of the contestants in which they have to press the button at the right time to perform a blow to the opponent. After each blow, the time length compresses allowing players to focus more and get a chance to outsmart the opponent to drop them to the mat.

Other than the main gameplay mechanics of the game, the introductory tutorial of the game is also smooth and it lets you go over all the basic attacks to advanced grapple attacks fluently. The flying through rope attacks feel much more fluent in WWE 2K24 and it is best to memorize them during your tutorial as most of the opponents won’t see it coming while they are outside and see you running towards them.

The return of the Ambulance and Casket matches is also a great treat for the old players as they will get to enjoy these new match-types with their friends along with many others.

Game Modes

Now, the main difference and probably the reason why WWE 2K24 is the best wrestling sports video game out there is due to the Game Modes that it provides. There are several new Game Modes and greatly improved Game Modes from the previous installments that all players can fairly enjoy because of the content they provide.

2K Showcase of the Immortals

The game mode that focuses on the greatness of the Forty Years of Wrestlemania Event in WWE. Any WWE fan would recognize this event as it is the biggest event in sports entertainment and this mode allows you to relive several great matches that happened throughout the course of Wrestlemania. The recreations of legendary matches like Ricky Steamboat vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (Wrestlemania III), Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart (Wrestlemania XIII), Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania XXV), and many more. You will get to recreate these matches by performing the same major move set in the actual match to reach the original conclusion of the matches. It is both great for old-time wrestling fans and newcomers as they get to experience the ever-lasting thrill of Wrestlemania.


MyRISE is the story mode feature of WWE 2K24 in which you get to build your character and fight in the local small matches to reach the bigger arenas and turn the dream of becoming an undisputed Champion into a reality. However, instead of one career option, there are two career options, Undisputed (Male) and Unleashed (Female).

Both of the modes provide a great variety of content which includes training and exercises, in-match objectives, and much more. Going through each of the sections of your MyRISE journey will also hand over various unlockables that are worth unlocking. The undisputed career arc is more straightforward than the Unleashed one as the Female career arc has a lot more objectives to be completed while in matches.

Despite the career arc, the dialogues are now voice-acted by the real wrestlers whom will you see throughout your journey. Furthermore, your mentor in MyRISE, William Regal also does a fine job in voicing over the instructions.


MyFACTION is my personal favorite feature of WWE 2K24 as it brings a whole new Rogue-like mode that requires your attention to complete your run better than the previous one to unlock various unlockables. However, this is not even the main course of the meal in this feature as this feature is mainly an Online mode in which you will get to create your own Faction using the Cards.

Yes, you get to collect cards through various means and as you build a deck with your strongest cards, you can compete against Factions of other real players around the world. Not only that, earning the cards can also let you earn a Persona-like Card which allows you to use them in your match-ups when most needed.

Complete your run to earn better cards or fight against the other real players with the all-new ranked quickplay. However, there are some concerns about the rank matches as you can face serious defeats if your internet doesn’t keep up with your inputs. You can face delays in attacks, reversals, and even kickouts which can cost you your rank match.


MyGM is now better than ever before as players will get to choose from 12 different General Managers and become the operating force behind one of the major WWE brands. Trade Superstars, book the weekly shows and Live Events, organize the arena and special, make executive decisions on contracts, and much more. Become the best GM and achieve high ratings for your match cards put together and outnumber the opponent GMs.


The Universe mode is also better than ever before and allows you to follow the trajectory of a single Superstar. In this new WWE Sandbox-like editor, you get to edit the systems as you see fit. Create rivalries as you wish, rebrand the shows, bring back old Superstars, and even the Hardcore Titles or double-title matches.


The Creation mode in WWE 2K24 lets you customize each and everything. From entrances to stages and fighting moves of the Superstars, all can be customized as you wish. This mass-scaled editor can be used to achieve anything you ever wished in the WWE Universe.

Sound and Visuals

WWE 2K24 does an immaculate job on both sound and visual representation of the grand scale stages and Superstars. The voiceovers for the Modes like MyRise are done greatly and the commentary for all the matches is just better than any other previous installments. There aren’t any limited voice lines for each match that you would hear again and again as the commentary has been improved greatly and enhances the overall experience in each match.

Superstars’ facial expressions have been improved which gives a nice touch to more realism and one of the very big changes in representing these visual improvements is the cutscenes. The entrance cutscenes are made perfectly for each Superstar as they look more real and grand than ever before.

Verdict – Score 9/10

WWE 2K24 is without a doubt the best wrestling sports game out there as it will both let you enjoy the classic wrestling match with modern-day gaming aspects as well as let you control the entire WWE Universe. The scale of the game is massive than ever before and it can clearly be seen that the amount of effort that have been put in this year WWE 2K title is extraordinary.

WWE 2K24 is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4,XBOX Series X|S, XBOX One, and Microsoft Windows.

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