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WWE 2K24: How to Kick Out of Pinfall



WWE 2K24: How to Kick Out of Pinfall

There are several aspects of a wrestling match in WWE 2K24 to have a strong position but all of it can only be remained if you have the capability of kicking out of the Pinfall. Opponents can choose to put you in a pinfall whenever your superstar is on the mat in the ring whether they performed a finisher on you or not. It is crucial to learn how to kick out of a Pinfall otherwise, you will lose your match.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to kick out of pinfall in WWE 2K24.

How to Kick Out of Pinfall in WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 has two separate Pinfall systems, Timed and Rapid which will be initiated according to the selected one in your settings whenever the opponent pins you in the match.

Timed Pinfall System Kick-Out Technique

The Timed Pinfall System is the default Pin System in WWE 2K24 and it offers a Pin Mini-Game in which you have to lift UP the Right Stick or A (XBOX)/X (PlayStation) to Kickout when the white line reaches the red bar.

The white line will move faster than the red bar and whenever the white line reaches the red bar, it will turn green prompting you to press the required button or pointing the Right Stick UP. It is very easy to understand but things will go tricky when you get pinned later in the match after taking a signature or a finisher from your opponent.

When you are low on your HP, the Pin System will change up a bit. When you get pinned after a beatdown, you will see that the red bar has gotten way smaller and it will move faster as well as the white line. You will have to be quick on the reaction time in pressing the button to kick out as early as possible otherwise, there is a high chance of losing the match.

Rapid Pinfall System Kick-Out Technique

The Rapid Pinfall System requires you to press the A (XBOX)/X (PlayStation) rapidly to fill the circle to kick out when pinned. Kicking out in this pin mini-game is also easy earlier in the match but once you have taken a beat in a long match or hit by a signature or finisher, the rapid pin mini-game will require you to press the required button more frequently.

Both of these Pin Mini-Games are unique to each other and one only will keep you in a relaxed state with the one you are most comfortable with. So, feel free to change the Pin Mini-Game from the settings to test out which works for you best.

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