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The Outlast Trials: Program 5 – Toy Factory: Pervert the Futterman (Trial) Walkthrough



The Outlast Trials: Program 5 – Toy Factory: Pervert the Futterman (Trial) Walkthrough

The Outlast Trials v1.0 release includes a brand-new trial that takes place in the Toy Factory which will include Mother Gooseberry and her companion, Doctor Futterman as the psychopath killers.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the 5th trial in The Outlast Trials.

Toy Factory: Pervert the Futterman – Walkthrough

Accept Program 5: Pervert the Futterman from the terminal to initiate the trial. Sit on the chair to watch a montage of gruesome montage and then make your way to the elevator to reach the Toy Factory.

Infiltrate the Toy Factory

Go ahead straight to the Toy Factory entrance gate and it will require the key which is located in the basement. Make your way to the left side to enter an alley and be careful of the mines along the way to reach a garage door. Interact with the door to lift it and enter the basement. Continue in the right direction to come across a room with a Trash Compactor.

There will be a person stuck inside the Trash Compactor and unfortunately, the key to the main entrance of Toy Factory is inside. The only way to open the Trash Compactor is to fill it with the trash so that the machine can compress it. Pick up a trash box on the conveyor belt on the left side and insert it in the compactor.

You need to insert three trash boxes in total and you will be able to see them on your screen. One of them is on the conveyor belt while the rest of them is around the basement. Follow the Trash Box markers on your screen to get the trash box and then place it on the conveyor belt to send it directly to the compactor room. Be aware of the roaming killers inside the basement and use the bottles to distract or stun them to get away safely.

Once you have inserted all three Trash Boxes into the Compactor, it will compress all the trash and open allowing you to grab the key to the Toy Factory. Now, make your way out of the basement and back to the entrance door to infiltrate the Toy Factory.

Reach the Production Line

Upon entering the Toy Factory, go to the right side and follow the hallway straight to the Factory and you will see the “Production Line B” in front. From there, go to the left side in the hallway and the “Production Line A” will come up on the right at the end of the hallway. Enter the Production Line A to get the next objective.

Start the Production Line

To start the production line, you need to interact with the console in the small room on the left side from where you enter Production Line A. Go and interact with the console to start the Production Line and proceed ahead in the trial.

Unlock the Security System

As you begin the production line, it will be stopped due to a need for foreman override protocol. You need to override the protocol and unlock the security system by using a Foreman Key on the console next to the production line. If you look closely at the yellow board above the console, it will say that the key is in Control Room A.

To reach Control Room A, head to the staircase just across the console from where you initiated the production line, go up the staircase, and proceed toward the door in front, and Control Room A will come up on your right. Enter the Control Room A and grab the Foreman key from the tabletop of the machine.

Make your way back down to the Production Line and interact with the console to use the key to unlock the security system.

Find Wax Boxes in Storage

The production line will require the supply of wax and it will show the Wax number on the screen that you need to find and bring to the conveyor belt. Read the Wax number and then make your way back up to the staircase and as soon as you reach the upper floor, immediately turn right to enter the storage.

Now, search the storage to find the wax box with the required wax number. There will be several wax boxes here but you only need to get the required one. After finding the correct Wax Box, either take it down by yourself or put it on the conveyor belt on the upper floor. Go down and place the Wax Box on the conveyor to complete the objective.

Complete All Production Steps

Proceed ahead in the production line and you will be required to supply a specific Erotic Novelty. Read the required number from the screen and then make your way back to the storage to find the correct Erotic Novelty box. After finding the correct box, bring it to the production line and insert it on the conveyor belt.

NOTE: From now on, Mother Gooseberry will be roaming around the Production Line and will try to chase you whenever she sees you.

Now, you need to find the Foreman key to further pursue the production line. The yellow board above the console will direct you to Control Room B which you can reach by heading straight from the Control Room A office and entering the “Offices” hallway. However, the key will not be in the office instead there will be a board in the office saying that the key is in the “Test Lab”.

To reach the test lab, go out of the office and go ahead in the hallway on the left, and continue ahead from the door at the end to find the test lab in front. Enter the Test Lab to find the Foreman Key in a tray. After getting the key, make your way back to the production line to unlock the security system.

Proceeding further will require you a specific number of Lubricant Box and the Foreman Key C. For the Lubricant Box, you need to go back to the Storage to find it and for the Foreman C Key, you need to first head to Control Room C which is located in the Offices. As you reach Control Room C, it will tell you that the key is inside the “Archives”.

The Archives is located directly next to the Test Lab. However, there will be an enemy in the Archives that you must direct out of the room to get the key. Make noise outside to make him chase you and then circle around the floor to get inside the room to get the key.

After getting the Lubricant and the key, supply it to the production line to complete all production steps.

Reroute the Production Line

Upon completing the production steps, wait for the body to reach the crank. Interact with the crank to start rerouting the production line towards the exit. Once done, follow the line to the exit and then to the Incinerator. Lift the garage door to go inside the Incinerator room to get the next objective.

Burn the Sex Toy

Follow the yellow pump in the ground by lifting the garage door on the right side. Keep going straight and then to the right side and the clasp wheel comes to your left side at the end of the hallway. Interact with the clasp wheel and turn it to the right side. Now, go back to the incinerator room and interact with the pump to start burning the Sex Toy. Interact with the pump frequently to burn it quickly.

Exit the Trial

Once done, it is time to make your way back to the Shuttle. Go through the door on the left side and continue in the alleyway on the left side to reach a barred door. Interact with it to remove the bar and continue ahead. There will be a small gap in the fence through which you can cross by crouching.

As you reach close to the shuttle, Mother Gooseberry will be waiting for you at the shuttle. Strike her with a bottle to stun her and interact with the switch to call the shuttle. It will take a few seconds for the shuttle to arrive so, if you have another bottle be ready to throw it at her again to stun her and successfully leave the trial.

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