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The Thaumaturge: How to Reduce Focus of Enemies and Execute Breakdown



The Thaumaturge: How to Reduce Focus of Enemies and Execute Breakdown

Using quick attacks to get guaranteed one attack on an enemy per round is pretty essential in combat in The Thaumaturge, but reducing the focus of enemies, especially the ones with the traits is crucial as they are difficult to kill just by normal attacks. Reducing the focus of enemies will open up a Breakdown chance for Wiktor to execute a strong attack to eliminate them instantly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to reduce the focus of enemies and execute breakdown in The Thaumaturge.

How to Reduce Focus of Enemies in The Thaumaturge

All the participants including Wiktor (the main character) in combat have some Focus points which are shown with the yellow points above their health bar. Losing Focus can turn out to be a great danger for the individual as it gives an opening to the opposition to secure a Strong Attack.

To reduce the focus of enemies to gain an advantage of landing a strong attack is done by using the Influence Attacks and Planned Attacks. The Influence attacks mainly reduce the focus of the targeted enemy whereas the Planned Attacks inflict a certain state on the targeted enemy.

Upyr, the starting Salutor in the game has a Diversion skill which is an Influence attack. It reduces one focus point of the targeted enemy as well as has a chance to slow them down. If you use Diversion on an enemy with a trait right from the beginning of the fight, you will be able to tackle him easily rather than just using quick attacks.

Additionally, other Salutors also have various attacks that reduce focus and inflict certain states like Suffering. Make sure to use them on the enemies that have traits to inflict them with negative effects and gain the advantage of attacking them frequently.

How to Execute Breakdown in The Thaumaturge

The Breakdown effect will happen when an enemy has lost all of his focus points. At this moment, you will be able to execute your Strong Attack on such enemies to instantly eliminate them. Furthermore, your planned attacks will also come in handy even if a target is on low focus (1 – 3 points), it will allow you to deal extensive damage to enemies and most probably kill them. However, it is not always certain that your planned attack will always be enough.

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