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The Thaumaturge: How to Defeat Lelek, Mind Salutor



The Thaumaturge - Lelek, Mind Salutor

Lelek is the final mandatory Salutor that players will get to encounter in the main storyline events. As players progress through Act 1 of the story, they will eventually start the “Bastards of the Night” mission in which they will get to confront Danis at the Lock, Stock, and Barrel Bar. Danis has Lelek bound to him and the only way to make Lelek attack you, is to persuade him to play Russian roulette which will trigger the boss fight.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Lelek in The Thaumaturge.

How to Defeat Lelek, Mind Salutor in The Thaumaturge

The fight against Lelek is similar to the previous Salutor fights which include Bukavac and Veles as Lelek also summons the shadow enemies with some powerful traits and attacks himself occasionally throughout the fight. The shadow enemies in this fight have a Vulnerability trait which is considered the strongest as the enemy is immune to negative states. Meaning, that if you use a Salutor attack that inflicts some kind of negative state, the negative state will not be inflicted on the enemy.

You should first focus on eliminating the enemy with an invulnerability trait by using planned and strong attacks. Try to use the influence attacks to lower the focus and get an opening to land a critical attack. Once that enemy is dealt with, eliminate the other enemy to deplete further Lelek’s HP and move on to the second wave of the shadow enemies.

However, you should be aware of the attacks of Lelek as he would interrupt you round after round and will also inflict you with a Suffer state which will deal damage over time. As Lelek interrupts you, it will take down 1 point from your focus meter so before it depletes all of your focus points, make sure to use a Relaxation upgrade in one of your attacks to restore Focus points.

Moving on to the second wave, you will get to fight three shadows from which two of them will have a different trait on them. One will have an Invulnerability while the other one will have Recovery. First, take down the shadow with Invulnerability as he will only makes things tough for you. Once he is down, focus on the recovery one and use the Planned/Strong Attacks to defeat him quickly. You can also use the Influence attacks to deplete his focus to get a critical hit on him.

Once both of the enemies with traits are down, defeat the last one standing to defeat Lelek and conclude the boss fight.

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