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The Thaumaturge: How to Defeat Veles, Word Salutor



The Thaumaturge - Veles, Word Salutor

Veles is the second main Salutor that players will get to tame by defeating it. Players will get to encounter Veles during “The Reptilian Bash” main mission in Act 1. While progressing this mission, players will get to enter the Imperial Hotel and confront Sofya Skalon who has Veles bound to her.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Veles in The Thaumaturge.

How to Defeat Veles, Word Salutor in Thet Thaumaturge

The fight against Veles is similar to the previous Salutor fight, Bukavac as you will get to face the shadow enemies that Veles summon. However, this boss fight is a bit more difficult than the previous one as Veles both offers traits to the summons and states to Wiktor. Furthermore, some of the summonses also have their own trait which makes them tougher to defeat.

As the fight begins, you will get to fight two shadows one of which will have a Resistance trait on them. Attacking this particular shadow will deal less damage so, you need to focus on decreasing its Focus using the Influence and Planned/Stronger Attacks. Once you have depleted enough focus, the target will be opened to the critical strike which will allow you to defeat them. After taking out the stronger competitor, switch to the left-alone target to take them out as well.

During this first wave of the fight, Veles will take damage as you attack the shadows and will also grant a Double Damage trait to the shadows and a state to Wiktor which will deal damage over time. You need to use Upyr’s attacks to remove the traits from the shadow to prevent Wiktor from taking double damage.

Upon getting through the first phase, Veles will call out another wave of shadows with three enemies in total but this time two of them will have Resistance traits on them. Try and use Upyr’s attacks to remove the traits and decrease their focus to eliminate them quickly and then move on to the remaining shadow to defeat Veles successfully.

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