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The Thaumaturge: How to Heal Yourself



The Thaumaturge - How to Heal Yourself

Combat in The Thaumaturge can be quite unforgiving due to the various states and unblockable attacks which will deplete your character’s HP at the end of every round and will often put you in the position of healing. However, unlike usual methods for healing even for turn-based combat in other games, The Thaumaturge uses a unique system to heal the character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to heal yourself in The Thaumaturge.

How to Heal Yourself in The Thaumaturge

Healing your character in Thet Thaumaturge will require you to use Salutor attacks which restore Health Points or Wiktor’s attacks which have healing attributes. Initially, Wiktor’s attacks will not contain any combat skills with healing attributes but as players level up and unlock skills, they will be able to upgrade the combat skills by allocating a certain skill which holds healing attribute to an attack of Wiktor.

One of the skills that you can allocate to Wiktor’s combat skills is Bloody Rejuvenation which allows you to restore 4 Health Points for every enemy in the Suffering state. Meaning, that if you manage to inflict an enemy with a suffering state using your Salutor attacks, you will be restoring some of your Health points back at the end of the round.

Use Salutors’ Attacks to Heal in The Thaumaturge

The Salutor attacks are also crucial for healing your character during combat. Attacks like Eerie Intoxication and Not of This World of Upyr, Slippery Bet of Veles, and Lifelong Debt of Djinn will restore almost half of your lost Health Points.

As Upyr is the starting Salutor in the game, utilizing his attacks is essential for surviving the early battles in the game, and as you progress further ahead and unlock new Salutors like Veles and Djinn, don’t hesitate to call them into the fight to gain back lost Health Points.

Outside of the combat, you will not have to worry about Wiktor’s HP as it will restore to max automatically. As there aren’t many combat encounters in the game, you will be spending most of your time in investigating the areas and figuring out the traces to certain characters.

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