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The Thaumaturge: How to Unlock Skills Quickly



The Thaumaturge - Unlock Skills quickly

The Thaumaturge offers a diverse skill system with four different dimensions through which players can unlock various skills for the protagonist that will help them both in exploration and combat. As both aspects of the game are equally important, it is crucial to learn how to unlock skills quickly in each dimension to unlock more possible ways to deal with an unfaithful world.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock skills quickly in The Thaumaturge.

How to Unlock Skills Quickly in The Thaumaturge

The skill system in The Thaumaturge offers four different dimensions to which different Salutors/Spirits are associated. These dimensions are Heart, Mind, Deed, and Word and every dimension has its own branch containing several nodes that players will unlock as skills. The very first Salutor that players will get is Upyr, associated with the Heart dimension, and provides the respective dimension skills during combat. However, before players get to utilize all the different Salutors in combat, they must unlock skills in the Development Panel for each branch of the dimension.

To unlock the skills in The Thaumaturge, players will require a skill point named Thaumaturgy Point which is obtained after gaining a certain amount of experience. Once you have earned enough experience for the level, you will be notified of the earned Thaumaturgy point which can be spent in the Development Panel. You can open the panel by pressing the ‘T’ button and from here, you will be able to spend the point in any of the four dimensions you prefer. However, it is crucial to unlock at least 1 node in all of the dimensions from the prologue of the game as it will help you greatly upon finding the world items and unlocking additional dialogue options.

Pursue Side Quests to Earn More Experience

As earning experience plays a crucial role in unlocking skills, the best way to gain more experience is through exploring the world and finding the world items that are latched to certain characters and reading the notes. Combat is also a great way to earn a decent amount of experience and you can engage in more combat sequences by pursuing the side quests in every chapter. The side quests will not only let you earn more experience but will unlock new areas for you to explore where you will be able to find even more world items.

With earning more experience in every chapter, you will be able to unlock skills more quickly and upgrade your combat skills efficiently before engaging in a battle that will help you greatly in the fight.

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