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The Thaumaturge: Combat Guide



The Thaumaturge - Combat Guide

Combat in The Thaumaturge has several key mechanics that players should gain knowledge of to place themselves in a favorable position and come out victorious. Apart from using quick attacks to simply attack the enemies, interrupting their attacks and lowering their focus plays a major role in winning the fights.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you various aspects of the Combat System in The Thaumaturge.

Victory Conditions in The Thaumaturge

While there are certain elements of combat that are unique to other games’ turn-based combat systems, the victory conditions in The Thaumaturge remain the same. The Victory Conditions in The Thaumaturge require you to deplete Enemy’s Health Points (HP) first before they deplete yours. The HP of all enemies can be seen individually under each enemy with their total Health Points.

Attacking the selected enemy will deal damage to them and deplete a certain amount of points from their health. Once you have depleted HP of all enemies, you will be victorious.

Utilize the Combat Skills According to Enemy Traits

One of the main aspects of the battles in The Thaumaturge is that every fight will be different in some way than the other one. Not every enemy you face will take the hits openly as some of the enemies will have a certain type of trait. You can view the nature of the Trait by hovering over the enemy so that you can plan your next attack accordingly.

For instance, if an enemy has an Invulnerability, they will be immune to negative status ailments. You can counter these enemies by interrupting and disrupting them using your Salutor abilities to lower the focus. Once their focus reaches zero, their guard will be broken which will allow you to land a critical attack on the enemy which will most likely eliminate them in a single turn.

Use Perception to Take Advantage of Action Queue

The Action Queue is one of the most important aspects of the fight as it will highlight the upcoming attacks from the enemies. By viewing the Action Queue, you will be able to plan your next move or interrupt the enemy’s attack before they land attack. However, this action queue also shows the time each one of your attacks will possibly take. If an attack is slower and requires more attack than the enemy’s upcoming attack, the enemy will strike first.

The Action Queue is shown on top of the screen while in combat and it is best to use the quick attacks of your Salutors to deal damage to the enemies. It is also possible that you will be able to use two attacks, one from each Salutor without letting the enemy attack. The best way to utilize the action queue is to lower the focus of the enemies by interrupting their attacks but as some skills take more time, you can always cancel the skill by Right-Clicking on the Action Queue.

Battling the human foes and Salutors requires an in-depth understanding of their attacks and if you happen to find yourself stuck in a fight, don’t hesitate to lower the Combat Difficulty Level as it does not affect any other aspect other than receiving damage from the enemies.

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