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The Thaumaturge: How to Restore Focus



The Thaumaturge - How to Restore Focus

Focus is one of the crucial aspects of combat in The Thaumaturge that both Wiktor (the main character) and the enemy possess within them. Apart from just depleting the Health Points to defeat the enemy, players can deplete the Focus of enemies to initiate the Breakdown moment where they will get to execute a Strong Attack to instantly eliminate the enemy.

However, similar to lowering the enemy’s Focus points, Wiktor can also lose Focus points due to various state attacks from enemies which will make Wiktor vulnerable to the enemy’s Strong Attack. It is crucial to learn how to restore Focus during combat to stand strong on your feet.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to restore focus in The Thaumaturge.

How to Restore Focus in The Thaumaturge

Restoring the Focus of Wiktor during combat is similar to restoring his health which requires the use of certain attacks that are allocated with skills that hold the capability of restoring Focus. For instance, one of the early skills that players can allocate to any combat skill of Wiktor is Relaxation which restores 3 Focus on every use.

It is the very first skill in the Mind dimension and players will be able to unlock it in the prologue of the game. However, unlocking it does not allow you to execute its action as you must first allocate it to one of Wiktor’s attacks. You need to head into the upgrades panel and assign it to the combat skills to use it. Furthermore, as not all fights inflict Wiktor to lose Focus on each round, you must use it in certain fights in which you need more focus than usual.

Additionally, players can use Salutor attacks to inflict certain states on the enemies to interrupt or slow them which will make attacking for your side easier. It will allow you to attack more than once in a single round and deal more damage to the enemies

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