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The Thaumaturge: How to Upgrade Skills



The Thaumaturge: How to Upgrade Skills

Making your attacks stronger is crucial in The Thaumaturge as it will allow you to strengthen your character which will help you to deal more damage to the enemies, provide various status ailments for a longer time, restore your Focus, and much more. All of these buffs can be obtained by upgrading your skills before initiating your next fight.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade skills in The Thaumaturge.

How to Upgrade Skills in The Thaumaturge

Upgrading the Skills is different than unlocking the Skills in The Thaumaturge. Unlocking the skills will gain you points in certain dimensions which will help you find the world items and unlock more dialogue options. Each node you unlock in all the dimensions using the Thaumaturgy Points in the Development Panel is the upgrade that you will have to allocate to a certain skill to gain the buff that the upgrade provides.

To allocate the upgrade to your combat skills, you need to switch to the Upgrades Panel, located right next to the Development Panel with the ‘two Upward Arrows’ icon. Once in the Upgrades Panel, you will see all of your combat skills separated in each respective attack type and all the available upgrades in the ‘Upgrades’ menu on the left side.

Every upgrade will have one to three arrows shown in front of it and if you look to your combat skills, they will also have a slot for the arrows. Each skill can hold a certain number of arrows. Some can only hold one and some can hold up to three arrows. You need to simply drag and drop the upgrade onto the combat skill to allocate the upgrade to the skill and you will be granted the respective buff by using the combat skill during combat.

Another thing worth mentioning is that allocating these upgrades to the combat skills is not permanent. Meaning, that you will be able to change the upgrades freely to other combat skills at any time, except during combat. However, the game will also give you the option to upgrade your skills before you engage in battle. While on the screen to start the fight, press the T button to directly open the upgrades menu.

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