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The Thaumaturge: How to Defeat Bukavac, Deed Salutor



The Thaumaturge - Defeat Bukavac

Bukavac is the first Wild Salutor that players will get to encounter while progressing through the prologue chapter of the game. As players pursue the objective of finding a lingering Salutor, they will get to confront Luka which will begin the boss fight with Bukavac.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Bukavac in The Thaumaturge.

How to Defeat Bukavac, Deed Salutor in The Thaumaturge

Unlike normal human fights, Salutor fights are much difficult and they involve waves of shadow enemies along with Salutor attacks which cannot be tanked. Bukavac uses a screeching attack that puts a Suffering State on your character which deals 2 damage at the end of each round. As you cannot neglect this attack, you will be suffering from this state throughout the fight and Bukavac will also stack this effect onto you on every use. So, to get rid of it quickly, you must utilize your planned attacks mixed with Influences to lower the focus of the shadow enemies and defeat them with guard-break attacks.

Initially, at the start of the battle, you will get to fight only one shadow enemy. Use the influence attack to lower its focus and then use the planned attack to deal extensive damage. It will take about 2 turns for you to take out the first shadow by mixing the Influence and planned attacks. As you attack the shadow, the HP of Bukavac will also deplete and as it reaches a point with a red marker, it will call out another wave of enemies.

Once you have defeated the first shadow enemy, Bukavac will call out two more shadow enemies. Here, you need to follow the same steps as before and take the shadow enemies out one by one. Don’t worry about the Suffering state and the overtime damage at the end of every round. As long as you lower the focus of the enemies and attack them with a planned attack, they will fall quickly and you will defeat Bukavac before your HP depletes completely.

Upon defeating Bukavac, a cutscene will play out in which you will get to tame Bukavac and unlock him as your Salutor. Having him on your side will also give you access to new combat skills which you will be able to upgrade as well.

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