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Palia: How to Complete Ancient Grudge, New Mutiny Quest



Palia - Ancient Grudge, New Mutiny quest

The Ancient Grudge, New Mutiny is one of the new Found Item quests in Palia added with patch 0.177 that players will get to start upon finding the ‘Ancient Scroll’ item. Players can find the Ancient Scroll inside the Ancient Library located in Mirror Pond Ruins and the quest will require them to find multiple scrolls for Jina.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Ancient Grudge, New Mutiny quest in Palia.

How to Complete Ancient Grudge, New Mutiny Quest in Palia

Go to the Ancient Library in Mirror Pond Ruins and find a bookcase to get the Ancient Scroll and start the quest. Upon starting the quest, open the map to find Jina and speak with her about the scroll. She will tell you about the other ancient scrolls and tell you to explore the temples and look around Bahari Bay to find them.

There are three more Ancient Scrolls that you need to find that can be found in the following locations.

  • First Scroll: The first scroll is found inside the Temple of the Flames. Head inside the temple and make your way to the Mysterious Chamber. Go ahead towards the first maze and enter it from the left side and you will see the scroll right in front next to a vase.
  • Second Scroll: The second scroll is found inside the Temple of the Waves. Glide down to the temple and go inside the room on the left side to find the scroll in the corner of the room.
  • Third Scroll: The third scroll is located on a ruined tower in the Human Ruins near the Lighthouse Lagoon in the Bahari Bay map zone.

Once you have obtained all three Ancient Scrolls, go back to Jina and hand over the scrolls to conclude the quest. Completing this quest will give a reward of Ancient Pottery, a decorative item that players can use to decorate the Housing Plot.

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