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The Outlast Trials: How to Complete Toy Factory MK Challenge 2



The Outlast Trials - Toy Factory MK Challenge 2

The Outlast Trials v1.0 provides a brand-new trial for the players to complete along with a couple of new MK Challenges for the new trial. The MK Challenge 2 of Toy Factory is the final MK Challenge in the Program Genesis that players will get to access after completing the Toy Factory trial.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the second MK Challenge of Toy Factory in The Outlast Trials.

How to Complete Toy Factory’s MK Challenge 2: Incinerate the Sex Toys

The MK Challenge 2 of Toy Factory requires players to push a cart filled with toys into the Incinerator The cart is located in the starting area of the trial but players will have to push it through a couple of locked doors for which they have to find the keys and deal with several roaming killers and Mother Gooseberry.

First Locked Door

The first locked door will be right in the beginning area of the trial for which they will have to go to Maintenance to find its key. However, to get the key, go to the staircase on the left side of the locked door. This staircase leads to Supervisor’s Office but the key will be placed on the table outside of the office.  

Grab the key and unlock the door to push the cart further into the factory. Here, you will have to deal with the roaming enemies so be stacked up on bottles to stun them and continue pushing the trolley to the next locked door.

Second Locked Door

For the second locked door, the key will be inside the Foreman’s Office. The Foreman’s Office is located opposite the Product Sorting area so, make your way back along with the rail track and go straight from Product Sorting to reach the Foreman’s Office. Once inside, go to the mannequin body on the table to find the key beside it.

Now, go back and open the door to continue pushing the cart and then into the Incinerator.

Return to the Shuttle

Pushing the cart into the Incinerator will complete the objective but it will alert a stronger psychopath killer along with Mother Gooseberry. You will have to make your way out of the Incinerator room to call the Shuttle by pressing the red button. Sneak your way out or use the bottles to stun the enemies to reach the Shuttle.

It will take a few moments for the shuttle to arrive so you have to be quick on the movement to dodge the enemies and make your way to the shuttle once it arrives. After going into the shuttle, the second MK Challenge of Toy Factory will be completed

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