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The Outlast Trials: Program 2 – Fun Park: Grind the Bad Apples (Trial) Walkthrough



The Outlast Trials: Program 2 – Fun Park: Grind the Bad Apples (Trial) Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the 2nd Program trial in The Outlast Trials.

Program 2 – Fun Park: Grind the Bad Apples – Walkthrough

Once you have accepted the trial at the terminal, step into the shutter to get to the Fun Park Trial area.

Infiltrate the Park

Once you have reached the Fun Park area, go ahead on the path and pass the Silver Bus to reach the entrance of the Fun Park. You need to lift the Door ahead and go under it to reach the park.

Reach the Root Canal Ride

You need to go to the left side from the first ride in the park and then take a right to reach the corridor with a number of buildings. Here you will find a building with arrows on it. You need to enter the building and you will see arrows pointing at the Heart. Pick up the Heart and throw it on the symbol above the door ahead to open the door. Go through the door to reach the Root Canal Ride.

Reach the Root Canal Ride

Get Access to the Root Canal Ride

In order to get access to the ride, you will have to get tickets. You need to win the following three games to get the tickets.

  • Alien Invader Game
  • Feed the Clowns Game
  • Pin-Up Alley Game

NOTE: The games can vary on the size of your squad. If you are playing solo then most likely you will get to win the described games.

All the locations of the games will be marked on your screen and you can also see them on the map of the park on the left side of the Root Canal Ride. Win the games to get tickets and then return back to the Root Canal Ride to get access to it.

Regroup into the Root Canal and Activate the Ride

Once you have got access to the Root Canal Ride, you need to regroup with your teammates if you are playing with them and watch the cutscene. After the cutscene, simply press the Red Button at the center to activate the ride.

Push the Boat to the Children’s Punishment

After activating the ride, you need to push the boat. Stand behind the boat and keep pushing it until the end of the path. It will end the trial but you will have to do other objectives to reach the end.

Power off the Blocking Barriers

While pushing the boat, you will run into two blocking barriers in the path. You need to power off these barriers by unplugging their wires. You can track down the plugs by following the wires of the barricades. Once you unplug the wires, the barriers will open. However, you will be hunted by the clown during this process so, you will have to be careful while powering off the barriers.

Raise the Root Canal Water Level Back Up

You will have to raise the water level by opening the right pipe valve. It will depend upon the number of players in your squad. If you are playing solo then you will have to open two pipe valves. For our gameplay, we get to open the B and D Pipe Valves. Each of the water pipe is marked with a letter so, you need to find the correct ones you need to open. Follow the pipes to reach their respective valves and then open them to raise the water level.

Raise the Root Canal Water Level Back Up

Exit the Trial

Once you have pushed the Boat to Children’s Punishment, you will be followed by the clown. You need to get to the marked area and wait for the shutter. For the meantime, you will have to evade the clown and when the shutter arrives, go inside it to exit the trial.

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