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WWE 2K24: How to Perform Super Finishers



WWE 2K24: How to Perform Super Finishers

Regarding wrestling with your favorite WWE Superstars, 2K Games provides an ultimate wrestling experience through which players can perform all infamous attacks. In the latest installment of the WWE 2K series, WWE 2K24 adds a new finishing move, Super Finisher for most of the known Superstars. In addition to the regular Finishing Move of the Superstars, players will be able to unleash a Super Finisher to completely annihilate the opponent.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to perform Super Finishers in WWE 2K24.

How to Perform Super Finishers in WWE 2K24

Performing the Super Finishers in WWE 2K24 requires three Finisher Charges at a time. The charged finisher is indicated by a yellow bar beneath the Superstar’s name. You must have three of these charges and once you are in this state, you will see the Finisher Charges in an electrifying animation. It signifies that the Super Finisher is ready and can be executed by pressing the controls of a regular finisher.

The controls for performing the Super Finisher are the following.

  • Space Bar + K (PC)
  • RT + A (XBOX)
  • R2 + X (PlayStation)

Super Finishers deal three times the damage of a regular finisher and it makes it almost impossible for your opponent to kick out of a pinfall if you pin them right away.

How to See if a Superstar Has a Super Finisher Move in WWE 2K24

As mentioned earlier, the Super Finishers are only for certain Superstars so, if you are playing with your selected Superstar and want to know if your Superstar holds the capability of performing a Super Finisher, you can head into the “Moves” options by pausing the game and see it under the Finisher tab.

All Superstars with Super Finisher Move

All the Superstars who can perform the Super Finisher move are mentioned below in the table alongside their move names.

Superstar NameSuper Finisher Name
AJ StylesSpiral Tap
Andre the GiantTombstone
BatistaAvalanche Powerbomb Two
BayleyAvalanche Bayley to Belly
Becky LynchAvalanche Manhandle Slam
Beth PhoenixPin-Up Strong
Bianca Belair450 Splash
Braun StrowmanAvalanche Powerslam Two
British BulldogAvalanche Powerslam Two
ButchBetter End
Charlotte FlairMiddle Rope Natural Selection
ChynaAvalanche Pedigree
Cody RhodesCross Rhodes Trinity
Damien PriestSuper Chokeslam Two
DijakSuper Chokeslam Two
GuntherAvalanche Powerbomb One Elevated Boston Crab
Hulk HoganMiddle Rope Leg Drop Two
Ilja DragunovSuper H-Bomb One
Jerry “The King” LawlerApron Piledriver
Jim “The Anvil” NeidhartAvalanche Powerslam Two
John CenaDouble Attitude Adjustment Avalanche Attitude Adjustment
KaneSuper Chokeslam
Kevin OwensPackage Piledriver Apron Powerbomb
LitaAvalanche Twist of Fate
MichinPackage Piledriver
Muhammad AliGrand Uppercut
NatalyaPin-Up Strong
R-Truth450 Splash
Randy OrtonAvalanche RKO Punt Kick One
Rey MysterioDragonrana
Rhea RhipleyAvalanche Riptide
Ricochet630 Senton
Roman ReignsSuperman Punch Spear Combo
Roxanne PerezMiddle Rope Code Red
Sami ZaynTop Rope Brainbuster
Santos EscobarAvalanche Phantom Driver
Seth “Freakin” RollinsSpringboard Stomp Super Stomp
SheamusIrish Curse Brogue Kick Combo
Shinsuke NakamuraKinshasa ‘72
Solo SikoaSamoan Spike Three
Triple HAvalanche Pedigree
The UndertakerLeaping Tombstone Piledriver Hell’s Gate
VaderDiving Moonsault Six
X-PacAvalanche X-Factor
Zelina VegaMiddle Rope Code Red

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