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WWE 2K24: How to Assign a Super Finisher to a Custom Superstar



WWE 2K24: How to Assign a Super Finisher to a Custom Superstar

Pursuing your dreams of becoming a WWE Champion with your own custom character will require more potential than ever before in WWE 2K24. As you embark on a journey in MyRISE feature, you will get to create your custom character’s move set, entrance, taunts, and much more including a new finishing move called the Super Finisher which is limited to certain Superstars.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to assign a Super Finisher to a Custom Superstar in WWE 2K24.

How to Assign a Super Finisher to a Custom Superstar in WWE 2K24

The Super Finisher is a devastating move in the WWE 2K24 which allows you to execute a special finisher move that deals three times the damage than a regular finisher. A well-timed and placed Super Finisher will allow you to almost guarantee a win as it is very much difficult for opponents to kick out of that. If you have a Super Finisher assigned to a custom character in MyRISE, then it will make your journey a lot easier to become a WWE Champion.

However, the custom character whether is it in Men’s or Women’s Divisions, does not have a Super Finisher in advance but requires you to assign it manually. Here is how you can assign a Super Finisher to your custom character in WWE 2K24.

  • Head to the Creations tab.
  • Select the Move-Set option.
  • Navigate to the Custom Superstar tab and select your character.
  • Select the Moves > Finisher option.
  • Select the environment in which you wish to perform the Super Finisher. Let’s say you want to perform it in the Ring so select the “In-Ring” option.
  • Select an empty slot for assigning a finisher and then select any move/finisher from the list.
  • After assigning a finisher, hover over the finisher slot and press the RT (XBOX) or R2 (PlayStation) to turn the regular finisher into a Super Finisher.
  • Once done, accept the changes to save the super finisher addition on your character.

Furthermore, you can also turn your other regular finishers into a Super Finisher but the very first finisher (your character’s main finisher move) cannot be turned into a Super Finisher. Simply hover over the finisher slots you wish to turn into a Super Finisher move and press the RT/R2 button.

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