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Botany Manor: Chapter 2 – Survivors of Adversity Walkthrough



Botany Manor: Chapter 2 – Survivors of Adversity Walkthrough

Reaching the Botany Manor will initiate the second chapter of the game in which players will be required to grow two rare plants by gathering all the clues and following the respective protocols. This guide will walk you through the second chapter of Botany Manor.

Chapter 2: Survivors of Adversity – Walkthrough

Clearing the second chapter will require players to grow two rare flowers named Fulguria and Ash Plume. Each flower has its own number of clues scattered around the manor that players must find and then use the respective protocols to grow them.

Gathering All the Clues for the Flowers

The clues for both of the flowers can be obtained by following the steps mentioned below.

  • As you walk into the main room of the Manor, read the Letter on the side table on the left side.
  • Head into the side corridor ahead and inspect the Dartmoor Poster and Pyrophiles Book.
  • Now, go back to the main room and head straight into the room with a staircase. Pick up the Fulguria Seeds and inspect the Three Photos.
  • Open the door on the left side to reach the Apothecary and then make your way through the next door in the room to reach the Dining Room. Here, inspect the Folklore Book.
  • Now, open the door inside the dining room to reach the Drawing Room. Pick up the Back Terrace key and inspect the Flash Powder, the Letter from Farmer Charles, and the Flash Lamp Manual.
  • Go back to the main room and then to the side corridor to open the Back Terrace door using the key.
  • Head ahead and then go down the staircase to pick up the Ash Plume Seeds and inspect the Seed Log.
  • Keep going along the path to find the kitchen Key and read the Kitchen Notes.
  • Now, make your way back to the side corridor in the main room and unlock the Kitchen door using the key.
  • Head inside the kitchen and inspect the Cooking Book, the Dartmoor Lecture, and the Broken Mortar.
  • Now, head into the next room and inspect the Romantic Card and the Poem.
  • Go to the Kitchen Garden by going up the staircase and inspect the Smoking Book.

Adding Clues to the Flowers

Upon gathering all the clues for the flowers, open the Forgotten Flora book and add the correct clues to the respective flowers.

Fulguria Clues:

  • Folklore book
  • Flash lamp manual
  • Flash powder bottle
  • Letter from farmer
  • Photographs

Ash Plume Clues:

  • Seed log
  • Poem
  • Pyrophiles
  • Smoking book
  • Cooking book
  • Dartmoore poster
  • Dartmoor lecture

Growing Flowers

After declaring the correct clues for both of the flowers, it’s time to grow them. We have listed the steps for each flower separately.

Steps for Growing Fulguria:

  • Go to the Apothecary room and make a mixture of 2x Potassium and 1x Magnesium in the beaker.
  • Take the beaker to the Drawing Room and add it to the flash. Interact with the flash to close the lid.
  • Go outside of the Manor to find the planting desk and plant the Fulguria Seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Take the pot to the drawing room and place it onto the saucer in front of the camera.
  • Press the Red Button to take a picture of it and the Fulguria Flower will grow.

Steps for Growing Ash Plume:

  • Go outside of the Manor to find the planting desk and plant the Ash Plume Seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Take the pot to the Kitchen and put it on the Cooking Pan.
  • Once a small plant grows, take the pot and take it to the Smokery in the Kitchen’s Garden and put it on the saucer.
  • Go outside and grab the Oak Log.
  • Bring it to the Smokery and put it into the Fire Pit. Let the smoke fill the smokery and the Ash Plume flower will grow.

Getting to Orchard

After growing both of the flowers, you will get a notification of delivery at the Gatehouse. Go out of the Manor and follow the main path to the Gatehouse. Here, you will find the Orchard Key. Grab the key and go back to the manor.

As you reach the front lawn, go to the left side and open the door to find the entry to the Orchard. Unlock the Orchard door to conclude the second chapter and initiate the third chapter, Peculiar Petals.

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