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Botany Manor: How to Grow Windmill Wort



Botany Manor: How to Grow Windmill Wort

Botany Manor is a new puzzle-solving video game set in an English Manor where you can play as a Botanist named Arabella Greene. Arabella Greene is trying to finish her botanical research book for which players will get to explore the English Manor and gather clues on how to grow rare plants throughout the gameplay.

The very first rare flower that players will be required to grow is Windmill Wort, which is a mandatory part of the game’s first chapter. This guide will help you grow Windmill Wort in Botany Manor by highlighting all the clues and steps.

How to Grow Windmill Wort in Botany Manor

Growing Windmill Wort flower will require players to gather three of its required clues which then can be used to follow the protocols in growing the flower.

Windmill Wort Clues:

  • Wildflowers
  • Temperature Chart
  • Postcard

Gathering All Clues for Windmill Wort Flower

Upon beginning the first chapter by picking up the Forgotten Flora book in the conservatory and walking into the greenhouse, follow the following steps to get all three clues for the Windmill Wort flower.

  • Walk over to the blackboard on the right side to view the Wildflower Poster and the Temperature Chart.
  • Now, go to the opposite side of the blackboard and interact with the Newspaper and the Postcard.

After gathering all the required clues, open the book to add the clues for Windmill Wort.

Growing Windmill Wort

To grow the Windmill Wort, follow the following steps.

  • Go over to the panting desk and pick up the Windmill Wort seed.
  • Add Soil to the Pot.
  • Grab the Windmill Wort seed from the seed inventory and plant it in the soil.
  • Interact with the watering can to water the planted seed.
  • Now, pick up the pot, take it over to the Heat Vent, and place it on the saucer.
  • Go over to the boiler beside the planting desk and set it to 60c.
  • Now, return to the heat vent and turn it on to watch the Windmill Wort grow and smog disappear.

After growing the Windmill Wort flower, you can continue the first chapter by heading out in the garden and making your way to the Manor.

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