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Children of the Sun: Gallery of Heads Walkthrough



Children of the Sun: Gallery of Heads Walkthrough

The Gallery of Heads is the eighth stage in Children of the Sun that players will get to unlock after completing the Old Home stage. This guide will walk you through how to complete the Gallery of Heads stage in Children of the Sun.

Gallery of Heads – Walkthrough

Clearing the Gallery of Heads stage will require you to eliminate nine targets scattered around a tower. Five targets will be outside of the tower but three of them will be moving from which one of them will go up to the tower from time to time. The rest of the four targets are on the first floor of the tower.

To clear out the targets, follow the following steps.

  • Move to the left side and take out the two standing targets one by one.
  • Shoot the moving target near the car.
  • Shoot the moving target underneath the tower.
  • Shoot the gas tank of the car to get an angle on the target in the window of the tower.
  • Shoot the target in the window.
  • Shoot another target in the tower.
  • Wait for the target to come up on the tower and shoot it.
  • Lastly, take out the rest of the two remaining targets in the tower.

You can change the trajectory of the bullet to get an angle on the moving targets but it will make it harder for you to find an angle on the other targets, so it is best to wait for them to come in your sight.

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