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Children of the Sun: X Walkthrough



Children of the Sun: X Walkthrough

The X is the tenth challenge in Children of the Sun that players will unlock after completing the Occupied Village challenge. This guide will walk you through completing the X challenge in Children of the Sun.

X – Challenge Walkthrough

The X Challenge is a minigame for cleaning your gun. Firstly, you need to pull the bolt of the rifle by simply hovering over the bolt symbols and then dragging them to the other side. Once done, a minigame menu will open in which you have to pick up three bullets without getting touched by the targets, and upon getting all the bullets, chase after the targets to eliminate them.

However, as you play the minigame, your score will go negative after every second and if you touch any wall. Press the LMB and RMB to rotate the character and dodge the targets to pick up all three bullets. After picking up the bullets, go after every target to eliminate them and increase your score.

Upon eliminating all the targets, close the bolt of the rifle the same way you opened it and it will conclude the challenge.

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