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Children of the Sun: Filled with Blood Walkthrough



Children of the Sun: Filled with Blood Walkthrough

The Filled with Blood is the twelfth challenge in Children of the Sun that players will unlock after completing the Breaking Contact challenge. This guide will walk you through completing the Filled with Blood challenge in Children of the Sun.

Filled with Blood – Walkthrough

Completing the Filled with Blood challenge will require you to eliminate seven cultist targets scattered around the woods. Three of the targets will be in the moving cars, two of them will be standing next to a car in the middle of the woods holding riot shields, and the final two will be on the left side out in the open.

Move around the area to mark the targets and then follow the following steps to start eliminating them.

  • Shoot the two targets in the open on the left side.
  • Shoot the bullet on the right side in the open and change the trajectory to get the two targets in a moving car.
  • Upon eliminating both of the targets in the car, shoot the bullet towards the middle of the woods, and as soon as the bullet crosses the targets in the middle, use the Re-Aim ability to take them out one by one.
  • Now, shoot the bullet again in the open to find the final moving target and then use the Re-Aim ability to take out the target in the car.

Starting off with the moving targets can be tricky in this challenge as it is very easy to miss the bullet. It is best to start with the open targets and then eliminate the rest of the targets from there.

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