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Children of the Sun: Breaking Contact Walkthrough



Children of the Sun: Breaking Contact Walkthrough

The Breaking Contact is the eleventh challenge in Children of the Sun that players will unlock after completing the X challenge. This guide will walk you through completing the Breaking Contact challenge in Children of the Sun.

Breaking Contact – Walkthrough

Initiating the Breaking Contact challenge will give you a little tutorial on how to use the Re-Aim ability to change the direction of the bullet while it is moving. The Re-Aim ability will require you to press the RMB and move the mouse in a direction in which you want to change the direction after shooting the bullet. However, first, you have to fill up the indicator of the Re-Aim ability to be able to use the ability. Once you have completed the tutorial, the real challenge will begin.

The Breaking Contact will require you to eliminate four cultist targets located around a bridge. Three targets will be up on the bridge and one will be under it. You won’t be able to mark all the targets at first but if you follow the steps mentioned below, you will be able to take them out on the first try.

  • Shoot the first visible target up on the bridge.
  • Shoot the next nearby target. It will fill up the Re-Aim indicator.
  • Shoot the final target on the bridge.
  • Now, shoot the bullet in a way that it reaches the line of the bridge and then use the Re-Aim ability to take out the final target underneath the bridge.

You can also shoot the target under the bridge first, but you will have to then take out a bird in the air to fill up the Re-Aim indicator to be able to take out the rest of the targets.

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