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Botany Manor: How to Grow Wolfglove



Botany Manor: How to Grow Wolfglove

Wolfglove is one of the rare flowers in Botany Manor that players will get to grow in Chapter Three. Players will explore the Orchard and the areas that are connected to it to find the seeds and clues of the required flowers to grow them. As there are multiple areas connected to the Orchard itself, it is possible to miss out on some clues about the Wolfglove flower.

This guide will provide you with information on all the clues needed for Wolfglove and where to find them along with how to grow the flower in Botany Manor.

How to Grow Wolfglove in Botany Manor

Growing Wolfglove will require you to get its seeds and seven essential clues to figure out the procedure of growing it. The seven clues that you need to get for Wolfglove are the following.

Wolfglove Clues:

  • Nursery Rhyme
  • Letter from Builder
  • Wind Research
  • Alpine Weather
  • Envelope with Stamp
  • Letter about Alps
  • Coin Collection

Gathering All Clues for Wolfglove

The clues for Wolfglove are obtained from the Orchard, Old Tower, and the Orangery. You can follow the following steps to gather all the clues.

  • Enter the Orchard and continue ahead on the path to find a small table beside an apple tree. Inspect Note to Florence and Nursery Rhyme book on the table.
  • Continue ahead along the path to find a Letter from Builder.
  • Keep going ahead and you will see a tower on the left side. Head inside to find the Broken Anemometer.
  • Now, walk up to the terrace of the Orangery and inspect the Tower Wind Research book and the Alpine Exploration guide note.
  • Head inside the orangery to pick up the Painting Room Key and inspect the Note about Stairs, Envelope With Stamp, and Letter from Natty.

NOTE: Find the Priest Hole to get to the ground floor of the Orangery. Use our walkthrough guide of Chapter Three to get further details on how to find the Priest Hole.

  • Reach the ground floor of the orangery and pick up the Wolfglove seeds from the small fountain.
  • Inspect all the Souvenir Coins, a Field Trip Journal, and an Old Advert.

Growing Wolfglove

Upon getting all the clues and the Wolfglove seeds, you will be able to grow the flower through the following steps.

  • Go to the planting desk and plant the Wolfglove seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Take the pot to the old tower and place it on the saucer beside the broken anemometer.
  • Now, you need to use the handle on the side to go up in the tower floor by floor and open the windows on certain floors. Open Half-Window on 1st Floor, Full Window on 3rd Floor, and Full Window on 4th Floor.
  • Doing it right will grow the Wolfglove flower in the pot.

The reason why you need to open certain windows in the old tower is that the Wolfglove flower needs height and a certain strength of wind to grow which is 40 f/s. If you look at the clues starting from the Stamp of a Ram, there is a similar coin of Ram that came from Switzerland. Now, if you look at the Alpine Weather clue, you will see that the wind pressure is 40 f/s.

So, to get the 40 f/s in the tower, you must open windows as laid out in the Tower Wind Research Book and be on the 4th floor for the flower to grow.

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