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Blizzard Will Launch Crossplay In Overwatch On All Platforms – PC, Xbox, PlayStation And Switch



Blizzard Will Launch Crossplay In Overwatch On All Platforms - PC, Xbox, PlayStation And Switch

Game Director Aaron Keller announced the imminent launch of beta testing of the function in the online shooter in a video message from the development team. The beta does not yet have an exact launch date, and it is not yet clear when the full launch will take place.

All the details about preparing for crossplay for console owners, as well as matchmaking, were described in a special note on the official website.

  • Crossplay will be available in all game modes except competitive. In it, console users and PC users will play separately from each other.
  • On a PC, crossplay will be enabled by default and will not be allowed to be disabled.
  • PC players will not be allowed into matches that only have console owners – regardless of whether they are using a gamepad or mouse and keyboard.
  • On consoles, this feature may be opt-out, but matchmaking will work differently. In a “mixed” match, where users of all platforms are playing, the owner of the console will be able to get into only if he starts the game in a group with friends, where there is already at least one PC player.
  • If a console user turns off crossplay, they will only be able to play with players who have the same console.
  • Aim Assist will only be enabled for matches where there are no PC players.

Beta testing of crossplay will begin before the end of the current season, that is, until July 1. For PC players, the function will launch automatically, while console users will need to create their own account, connect their platform in the account settings and log in to their platform.

At the same time, it is still impossible to transfer progress from one platform to another. Blizzard does not deny that it can add such a feature later, but it will not appear even before the release of crossplay from beta.

In honor of the start of testing the function, the developers will also give all players one gold loot box. They will be received by everyone who enters the game by the end of 2021.

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