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First trailer and details of Battlefield 2042 – the game will be released on October 22



Battlefield 2042 Player Count in 2023

The video was presented during an Electronic Arts stream, three hours after the details of the game “leaked” to the network.

Before the event kicked off, there was a countdown, intermittently interrupted by digital clutter and snatches of talks and news coverage of a “massive crisis” and natural disasters around the world, including the “first-ever Category 6 hurricane.”

The trailer showed large-scale battles in megacities, ports, and near glaciers, as well as hurricanes. Four-legged combat robots with machine guns, missiles, and helicopters appeared in the frame. In one scene, a fighter pilot ejects from the cockpit, knocks down the enemy with a grenade launcher, and returns to the plane.


  • There will be no plot campaign in the game – only multiplayer with some “narrative elements”.
  • Online mode has been significantly expanded in comparison with previous parts and promises “the largest maps in the history of the series.”
  • The multiplayer was divided into three “formats”: two of them are called “Full-scale war” and “Dangerous zone”, and the third will be discussed later.
  • On PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S, up to 128 players can participate in a single match. On PS4 and Xbox One – up to 64.
  • Play in “Full-scale war” will be allowed with bots.
    There will be seven maps at the start, including South Korea, Singapore, Egypt, Qatar, and Antarctica.
  • Each location will have dynamic weather, including active tornadoes and sandstorms, as well as destructibility, including deformation of the earth.
  • Classes will be replaced by “specialists” – there will be ten of them at the start.
  • They are going to support Battlefield 2042 for several years, and the developers already have a plan for the first year.
  • They are going to monetize the shooter according to the system of “battle passes” for seasons, each of which will last about three months. Only “cosmetics” will be paid.
  • Alpha testing will take place in early July (by invitation only), and an open beta for anyone who has pre-ordered will take place closer to release.
  • A full gameplay presentation will take place on June 13th.
  • The game will be released on October 22. The leaked date, October 15th, marks the start of Early Access for EA Play Pro subscribers.


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