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Leaked: key art, first screenshots and details of Battlefield 2042



How to play Battlefield 2042 a week early

The Origin leak and the first images were shared by a Reddit user with the nickname Popygay, who found detailed information about the shooter from EA in the store’s database. Among other things, there is also the planned release date – October 15th.

Details from the description

  • The game will indeed be released under the name Battlefield 2042 – the low-quality logo had appeared on the net a few days earlier.
  • The game will unfold in the near future, during the conflict between the United States and Russia, which were “on the brink of war.”
  • 7 large maps, “from Seoul to the deserts of Egypt.”
  • Matches with up to 128 players.
  • Customization of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles.
  • The ability to summon a robot dog in battle, as well as move using a grappling hook and wingsuit.
  • The system of “Specialists”, based on four classes – each operator will have one unique specialization and “trait”, but players can customize their equipment on their own.
  • They plan to add one specialist each season – both Seasonal Battle Passes and Annual Pass will be available for purchase.
  • In the store code, they found references to specialists who are called Webster Makey, Maria Falk, Peter / Boris Guskovsky, and Vicus / Casper Van Dale. Whether we are talking about the operatives available at the start is unclear.
  • The game will be released in three editions – Standard, Gold, and Ultimate.
  • Before the release, the developers will conduct an open beta test.

The full screening of the game is due on June 9th. The event itself kicks off after the countdown at 18:00, and at it, apparently, all information will be presented officially along with the first trailer for Battlefield 2042.

Leaks regarding the upcoming shooter from EA and DICE have been going on for over a month now. Earlier, a video for internal use got into the network, by which it was possible to determine the setting of the game and at the very beginning of June – screenshots from the closed pre-alpha testing.


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