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No campaign, but storyline, on-the-fly customization and longtime fan secret mode: Battlefield 2042 details



Battlefield 2042: Leaked a lot of information about the secret Hazard Zone mode

You can change attachments on weapons in a matter of seconds right in the game, and the story of the game will be told on behalf of unique specialists.

Plot and specialists

Battlefield 2042 will not feature a story-driven single-player campaign or battle royale mode. According to the game’s design director Daniel Berlin, this will allow developers to “focus on what they do best.”

This time we will not have a traditional single player campaign, but we will focus and devote all our resources to creating a deep multiplayer game.

Daniel Berlin
Design Director, Battlefield 2042

While there is no single player campaign in Battlefield 2042, the game will have a storyline. The shooter is set in the not-too-distant future amid a humanitarian crisis caused by climate change, which is causing a conflict between the United States and Russia.

Players will see the development of the conflict through the eyes of specialists – unique playable characters with their own special abilities. The developers will add new specialists with the launch of the next seasons, thereby continuing to develop the plot. At the start, players will have access to 10 specialists, of which DICE introduced four:

  • stormtrooper Webster McKay with a grappling hook and increased running speed,
  • Medic, Maria Falk, who heals allies from afar with the S21 Syrette pistol and returns damaged allies to battle with full health,
  • engineer Peter “Boris” Guskovsky, capable of installing turrets,
  • scout Vicus Van Dale with the ability to track enemies and summon a drone.

With the release of each season, the developers will launch two types of “pass” – free and paid. EA said they will support the game for several years – content for the first year has already been planned, and they will publish a roadmap closer to release.

Multiplayer modes

The multiplayer in the game was divided into three formats: “Total War”, “Dangerous Zone” and an unannounced direction, the details of which the developers will tell on EA Play on July 22.

The Total War format will include both the classic, but partially changed modes like “Capture” or “Breakout”, and completely new ones with dynamic weather and environmental threats, such as sandstorms or huge tornadoes. Up to 128 players will be able to participate in the modes of the new type.

Dangerous Zone matches are designed primarily for joint play, but Daniel Berlin emphasized that this is not a “battle royale”. According to the developer, a mode is a modern approach to multiplayer games. However, the company will not disclose details about it until the release.

The third format of multiplayer is being handled in the Los Angeles office of DICE, which is led by former Respawn head Vince Zampella. EA will tell you more about the gameplay later.

The mode created by the developers of DICE LA is a declaration of love to our longtime fans.

Daniel Berlin
Design Director, Battlefield 2042

DICE general manager Oscar Gabrielson was also asked if Battlefield 2042 will have a free game mode, to which he smiled and asked journalists to be in touch.

Maps and customization on the fly

The maximum number of players on the map in Total War modes on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S will be 128, and on PS4 and Xbox One – 64. In addition, some maps will be reduced on the previous generation consoles.

In these modes, you can play with bots, including teaming up against them with friends. In this case, the progress obtained in battles with AI will be taken into account when pumping the level of the account. According to DICE representatives, playing with bots will allow beginners to get acquainted with maps and all types of weapons at their own pace.

At the start of Battlefield 2042, there will be seven “largest map series in history”, each of which will have unique events that change the appearance of the locations and affect the gameplay:

  • “Cosmodrome” (Kourou, French Guiana) – fighting next to a rocket, which is preparing for flight.
  • Hourglass (Doha, Qatar) – sandstorms and quicksand.
  • “Kaleidoscope” (Songdo, South Korea) – sliding on cables between skyscrapers.
  • Manifesto (Brani Island, Singapore) – tropical tornadoes.
  • “Debris” (Alang, India) – deadly storms on the ocean coast.
  • “Rip” (Queen Maud Land, Antarctica) – fighting in severe frosts.

Players will be able to customize weapons, gadgets, and vehicles while in battle through the new Plus menu. Entering it, it will be possible to change the sight, barrel, or mount of the weapon, as well as the type of ammunition. In the video showing the gameplay shown by the developers, the player managed to change the barrel to a shorter one and select a different type of ammunition while taking the elevator to the roof of the building.

Battlefield 2042 takes place in the not-too-distant future, but there won’t be any overtly futuristic weapons or vehicles in the game. Abilities available for use will include summoning a robotic dog, setting up auto-targeting turrets, and launching drones. Also, players will be able to use a wingsuit.

EA will launch an open beta closer to the game’s release on October 22, 2021. The company previously opened pre-orders for Battlefield 2042 across all platforms.



Survival hit Myth of Empires suddenly removed from Steam, what happened?



Survival hit Myth of Empires suddenly removed from Steam, what happened?

Myth of Empires, the popular new medieval survival game, suddenly disappeared from sale on Steam on December 4, 2021. For days there was great uncertainty among gamers about the whereabouts of the MMO.

At least active players do not seem to be affected at the moment: According to the answer to our inquiry at the responsible PR agency, the game servers are online. Whoever owns Myth of Empires can continue to play.

Copyright problems?

Now there is an official statement from developer Angela Game. Accordingly, there was a copyright complaint against Myth of Empires on Steam, according to which Steam, as a provider, should have removed the game from the shop in accordance with the DMCA law in force in the USA in order not to be legally prosecuted.

Angela Game claims that they hold all rights to Myth of Empires. Now they are working closely with Steam and taking action against the allegations in order to get the game back on sale as soon as possible.

Regarding the recent delisting of Myth of Empires on Steam and the following developments:

A few days ago, Steam received allegations of alleged copyright infringement relating to Myth of Empires and, in accordance with the DMCA and in order to be released from liability, has temporarily issued Myth of Empires removed from his store. Our development team hereby declares sacredly: Angela Game owns all rights and property to Myth of Empires and will actively respond to any doubts or allegations on this point. We are in active contact with Steam and are doing our best to bring the game back to the store. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused players.

At the same time, we will continue to advance the general optimization of Myth of Empires and maintain normal operations and development work. We are currently preparing a large number of content updates that, due to the current special circumstances, cannot be brought online. But players who have bought Myth of Empires can rest assured that we will provide them with a better gaming experience.

We thank you for your support and understanding.

What’s the future like?

Angela Game further explained that major content updates are still in development, but that they should not be published until the allegations have been clarified and the new release on Steam.

In response to our request, the developers keep a low profile on the more precise circumstances of the situation. Now the time has to tell whether the allegations can be refuted and Myth of Empires regularly returns to the Steam Store.

The passionate gamers and even the whole genre of survival MMOs would have a positive outcome. As you can find out in our Early Access test above, Myth of Empires is already a really exciting and complex game.

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Doug Bowser speaks out about Joy-Con Drift on Nintendo Switch: He exemplifies it with car wheels



Doug Bowser speaks out about Joy-Con Drift on Nintendo Switch: He exemplifies it with car wheels

Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, recently shared more official remarks in an interview with The Verge. After learning information about Nintendo Switch Online yesterday, now we have more news

In this case, the president has ruled on another of the most controversial issues currently on the Nintendo scene: the Joy-Con Drift. As you know, it is a very widespread problem among gamers that makes these Nintendo Switch controllers act “on their own” with use.

Bowser has mentioned the following when asked about it by the outlet:

As we’ve gone through the first five and a half years of the Nintendo Switch, we’ve looked at the gameplay, we’ve observed that people have returned the units how they’ve worn, and we’ve made continuous improvements overall to the Joy-Con, including the analog stick. . This latest version, the Nintendo Switch OLED, has the same updated analog stick that is now available on the original Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

For example, car wheels wear out as the car moves as they are in constant friction with the ground to turn. So, with that same premise, we ask ourselves how we can improve the durability of the [Joy-Con], and not only that, but how both operability and durability can coexist. It is something we are continually working on.

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Official details about Ramanas Park in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl



Official details about Hansa Park in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Again we bring you an interesting compilation recently shared that is related to one of the most prominent titles in the catalog on the hybrid console. This time we are talking about Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

In the text that you have below, you can find all the details known so far about the new Ramanas Park present in this title. Remember that this has been shown as part of the latest news, and corresponds to an area with pedestals where, when placing a slab on its corresponding pedestal, a legendary Pokémon appears. These slabs will be found all over Sinnoh.

Here are the official details:

New to Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is Ramanas Park, a place that players can visit after entering the Hall of Fame. There are caves scattered throughout the park and a mysterious aura reigns in all the chambers within them. Trainers can now enjoy a new video with the latest news about Ramanas Park Park and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the official Pokémon YouTube channel .

Slabs are key to encounters with Legendary Pokémon
There are pedestals in the halls of Ramanas Park. Rumor has it, placing a slab on its pedestal causes a Legendary Pokémon to appear. How these slabs can be obtained is unknown, so players will have to do some research while exploring the Sinnoh region to find out.

Legendary Pokémon to discover
Some of these Legendary Pokémon are exclusive to one version of the game, but players can try adding them to their team in another way, such as by trading with other Trainers. Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Ho-Oh appear in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond. Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia appear in Pokémon Shinning Pearl.

Online Communication Features
Players who are looking forward to Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will have a program update (v. 1.1.0) available on November 11, 2021, prior to the game’s launch. With this software update (v. 1.1.0), players will be able to enjoy the communication features in the Underground Grottoes and Super Contest Galas, receive gifts with the Mystery Gift feature and visit Ramanas Park when entering the Hall. of Fame.

When the game comes out, a maximum of two Trainers, including the player, will be able to battle or trade Pokémon in the Union Room. There will be another update in the future that will allow more players to join. On this page, there are more details about the update.

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