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BRAMBLE: THE MOUNTAIN KING- Chapter 2: Nearby Forest Walkthrough



BRAMBLE: THE MOUNTAIN KING- Chapter 2: Nearby Forest Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Second Chapter of BRAMBLE: THE MOUNTAIN KING.

Nearby Forest – Walkthrough

Continue on the path as the second chapter begins near the forest. Jump on the ledges to climb and go ahead. Walk on the logs to progress ahead and slide down to reach a tree with a bench under it. You can interact with the bench to sit on the bench. Once you have filled your breath again, go ahead on the path and you will reach a ladder by a tree house.

Climb up the ladder to go inside the tree house. The tree house’s door will be locked so, you will have to find a key to open it. Look on the table inside the tree house and examine the Matchstick Box. You need to open the matchstick box to see a key inside it. You will have to flip the Matchstick Box for the key to fall. Pick up the key from the floor and then interact with the door to open it.

Go ahead on the path and you will have to jump through different platforms to reach the other side. As you reach the other side, turn right on the path and the camera angle will change. You need to keep going ahead on the path until you reach a hole in the stone floor. You need to go inside the hole to find a hidden area beneath the nearby forest.

BRAMBLE: THE MOUNTAIN KING- Chapter 2: Nearby Forest Walkthrough

Make your way to the glowing rock ahead and a cutscene will start. After the cutscene, go out of the hidden area and go ahead on the path. Climb the roots to get up on the high ledge and then climb the ladder to go further up. You will find your sister named “Lillemor” singing. Go through the cutscene and you will get to play with your sister. You will have to throw the shiny rock to knock down the Pinecone.

Aim and shoot at the Pinecone to knock it down. You will have to do it 3 – 4 times in order to trigger the final cutscene of the chapter. After the cutscene, the chapter will be concluded.

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