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BRAMBLE: THE MOUNTAIN KING- How to Defeat Midwife (Boss Fight)



BRAMBLE: THE MOUNTAIN KING- How to Defeat Midwife (Boss Fight)

Midwife is the second major boss of the game that players will have to defeat in order to progress through the main story of the game. Players will get to encounter Midwife while crossing the Swamp in Chapter 8 of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Midwife in BRAMBLE: THE MOUNTAIN KING.


Once you have made it to the Raft, you will have to pull the rope to cross through the Swamp. As you go ahead, you will see the Midwife hanging on a cross. You need to aim and shoot at the wrists of the Midwife and then shoot her to sink her into the swamp. By doing that, it will start the boss fight and you will hear the Midwife coming for you from within the Swamp.

The key to winning this fight is to listen for the audio cues of the Midwife. It will reveal the Water Ripples from which a crib will appear or Midwife herself. If a crib appears, keep looking around in the water and follow the sound cue to find the other water ripple. When the Midwife appears, you need to quickly hit her on the skull.

She will go down in the water again and will repeat the same process. You need to hit Midwife three times in total to defeat her. However, you will have to be quick and precise in hitting your shots at her skull. Once you have hit her three times on the skull, she will be defeated and you will get to cross the swamp.

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