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Capcom suffers ransomware attack and unannounced game data leaks: Resident Evil 4 VR, Rise for PC…



Resident Evil 8 won't take full advantage of Xbox Series X power due to a deal with Sony

In addition, data from games that have not yet been released have also been filtered.

On November 2nd, Capcom’s data network experienced a number of problems affecting its systems, including mail and files on the servers. The company confirmed that this was due to unauthorized access, for which it apologized, adding that there had been no security breach by users.

In short, he had circumvented the company’s security and accessed secret data stored there. But what kind of data? Well, a lot of data belonging to unannounced games, data from others that are pending announcements, some of which very little is known: Resident Evil 4 VR, Shield, MH Stories 2, and Rise for PC, Resident Evil VII, etc.

As revealed by the leaker, Resident Evil VIII Village, planned to be launched on last-generation consoles, will arrive in April and there will be a demo before then. New multiplayer Resident Evil, internally referred to as Project Highway/Village Online; looks like a battle royale or something similar.

New Ace Attorney collection for PS4 and Switch. There is talk of a project codenamed “GUILLOTINE” for Switch in February, other platforms in May. The unannounced project called “Reiwa” in May, no platforms mentioned. However, there is talk of Monster Hunter Rise on PC by October 2021, with demos for Switch in January and March. In addition, Monster Hunter Stories 2 also for PC, planned for June 2021 for Switch and PC, single-player game, online co-op and PVP modes with paid DLC expansions, but adding post-launch content, cosmetics, and Amiibo.

Resident Evil 4 is planned for Oculus VR, plus a new multiplayer shooter named “SHIELD” and the source code for DMC2 and Umbrella Chronicles has been filtered. Stadia reportedly paid Capcom $10 million to launch Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8 on the platform and Sony $5 million to have limited VR and DLC exclusivity for RE7.

Again, and as we told you as well as Capcom itself, all this filtered data is from the company only. However, some information seems to have been obtained from 2018 files, so these plans may have changed.

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