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Class action lawsuit against CD Projekt over prices on Steam withdrawn



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The companies of the CD Projekt group have been excluded from the class action regarding the abuse of market position by Valve, the owner of the Steam platform, CD Projekt said in a statement.

The company announced that, in accordance with the claim filed by the plaintiff on April 8, the claims against CD Projekt and CD Projekt Inc. were withdrawn from the lawsuit, and thus the companies were excluded from the ongoing proceedings.

CD Projekt announced in January that it had received notice of a class-action lawsuit filed in the US, in which the plaintiffs are seeking a determination of whether the terms of the Steam Distribution Agreement violated competition law rules in the US.

According to the plaintiffs, Valve Corporation is abusing its market position “by requiring game developers to include a so-called most favored nation “, under which contractors would undertake to the company that the game price on Steam will be the same as on other platforms.

The lawsuit stated that “the effect of using this clause would be a malfunctioning of the market due to the impediment of other platforms from competing with Steam in terms of price”. CD Projekt noted at the end of January that it “verifies the legitimacy of directing claims against it and its subsidiary under the above lawsuit”.

CD Projekt is a defendant in the US regarding “Cyberpunk 2077”, questions from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

In late December and early January, several law firms in the US announced that they would file class-action lawsuits against CD Projekt on behalf of the company’s shareholders who bought its shares before the release of “Cyberpunk 2077”, suggesting the company’s managers’ declarations about the game’s high quality.

The first of these lawsuits went to the Central California District Court in late December. – The plaintiffs demand that the court determine whether the actions of the company and its executives related to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 constitute a violation of federal regulations by, among other things, misleading investors, thereby causing them losses, CD Projekt described in a stock exchange release. It noted that the lawsuit did not specify the value of the claim.

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