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Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch? New rumors about a possible deal



Nintendo Switch is updated to version 13.0.0 with support for Bluetooth audio and more

The photo of Phil Spencer’s bookshelf, full of possible hidden messages, continues to be the talk of the town. From the Kojima Productions and Microsoft deal to the possible arrival of Sekiro on Xbox Game Pass, the truth is that the details left by Phil Spencer in that interview left no one indifferent. Details that are not the first time they appear, given that Phil Spencer himself leaked the existence of Xbox Series S in a similar interview last year. Of those quirks, the presence of the Nintendo Switch was one of the most attention-grabbing. And users suspect that it may have foreshadowed the presence of Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch.

New rumors of a possible Xbox Game Pass presence on Nintendo Switch have come from one of the members of the Xbox Era podcast, a podcast dedicated to the medium known for revealing quite a few brand details. According to them, as well as other journalists from the medium, such as Jeff Grubb, everything that appeared on Phil Spencer’s shelf has meaning. And Nintendo Switch will be no exception.

“The clues seem to fit for Nintendo and Xbox. You’ll hear more in the fall,” is the cryptic message left by one of Xbox Era’s best-known users and insiders.

Users have already started to speculate that it can’t be something as simple as an Xbox character coming to a Nintendo game, but that it could be something much more important. And that could be the arrival of the Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch, via xCloud. What do you think of the news?

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