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PlayStation’s Xbox Game Pass wouldn’t be like Microsoft’s



Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get access to Scarlet Nexus at launch

According to rumors leaked in recent hours, Sony would be preparing its own version of Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft’s service has become one of the great references of the brand in recent years; both for the number of games it offers, its price, added as EA Play, and that all Microsoft exclusives are in the service from day one. It wouldn’t be strange, looking at the Xbox Game Pass figures, that Sony was preparing its counterattack on the service. However, according to some rumors, the PlayStation Xbox Game Pass would not be like Microsoft’s, but more similar to services like Apple One.

According to one of our trusted leakers, the PlayStation Xbox Game Pass would not focus on offering a catalog of games for various platforms, as Microsoft does, but on encompassing a set of services. Something similar to what happens with Apple One which, for those who do not know it, is a subscription that combines different premium services from Apple; Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, or storage for iCloud, among them.

In the case of Sony, it would be a subscription focused entirely on entertainment. Sony’s subscription would include music, film, TV, anime, and games, although it is not yet clear whether services such as PS Now or PS Plus would enter the catalog. According to him, Sony does not have the infrastructure to offer a game-centric service, releasing one or two games a year. However, it has a strong position in entertainment, which would be the one to explode with this service.

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