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Code to open the shipping box in Deathloop



Code to open the shipping box in Deathloop

We tell you exactly where you can find this code that will allow you to unlock the shipping box in Deathloop as soon as possible.

The shipping boxes are tremendously important in Deathloop since they will allow us to order a selection of items that we can use in the game, but unfortunately, it is a site that is blocked from the beginning.

We can find a shipping box in each of the four districts of the game, but to be able to use them you need to first enter a code that is different for each of the users.

Luckily, we know the exact location of where you can find the code for the shipping boxes so that as soon as you have access, you can enter this code and thus get the advantage.

Code to open the shipping box in Deathloop

Basically, you have to wait for the game time until you get to Fristad Rock, specifically, it has to be at noon, and once there, you have to go through the tunnel, then turn right until you hit a cliff. Jump this cliff, continue through the area until you reach a path that leads directly to the water.

Well, at the end of this path, you should find a large bunker, and the code you need is inside it.

You have the code written on a kind of whiteboard or wall that can be seen from the first room of the bunker. This board is past the windows on the right side of the area, and in order to see the code, just take out any rifle with a scope and point it.

Once you have it, go to the relevant shipping box and enter the code to be able, from now on, to order batteries, cranks, cancellers, and much more.

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