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Deathloop – How to solve the pictogram puzzle



Deathloop - How to solve the pictogram puzzle

The puzzle of the Deathloop pictograms and cassettes is random, but there are specific locations that you must find to see the story of Charlie and Fia.

Deathloop is a game with a seemingly simple goal: kill eight targets on an island during the course of a single night. However, every time we die we reappear at the beginning of the night, so we have to learn well to use our tricks and move around Blackreef.

Fortunately, that also leaves us a little more breathing space to investigate the many secrets on the island. There are many puzzles that we must solve by finding other objects or information on the map, as with the pictograms in the Fia bunker.

How to solve the pictogram puzzle in Deathloop

The first thing you should find is a machine with four screens, in which you must enter a combination of symbols. The machine is at a location on Fristad Shore, where Charlie and Fia were secretly meeting. Arrive at the beach and continue to the left bordering the sea, soon you will find a door with a 09 written on it.

There you will find Charlie’s machine, with the four screens and many cassettes that you must insert in the correct order. There you will be given the combination of Yerhva’s safe, the puzzle machine in Karl’s Bay, where you will find a note from Mia with the clues that will allow you to find, in order, the correct pictograms ( there are 13 hidden, but only 4 correct ).

The location of the correct pictograms is always the same, but the order in which the clues appear in the note and the pictograms themselves, the symbols that you will find in the locations, and that you must put in order on the machine, are random in each departure.

That is why there are no correct symbols and others not, and not a single order: you will have to find them yourself in the correct locations. The track menu will register the correct symbols.

  • Under the big truck at the entrance to the bunker
  • In the lockers room on the second floor of the reactor room
  • In the elevator shaft
  • By the exit of the reactor room

When you find the symbols, you will have to press in the order in which you put the cassettes in the machine in your game (track menu), looking at the symbol on the spine, to discover what is on the other side. ..

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