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Consumer Associations in 9 EU countries ask Nintendo for solutions for defective Joy-Con



Consumer Associations in 9 EU countries ask Nintendo for solutions for defective Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con drifting problems continue to be talked about; the Consumer Association of the Netherlands is calling for action and complaining to Nintendo about these errors.

Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo’s best systems, with tremendous sales success and a catalog of exclusive, high-quality games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing New Horizons, and Zelda Breath of the Wild.

However, it has a problem that seems never to be solved: the drifting of the Joy-Con. Many news items have been written about this controversial subject, and it is that Nintendo does not put a definitive solution to this error.

If you are not familiar with this drift in the Joy-Con of Switch, we will explain it to you: it consists of moving the joysticks and the gyroscope of the controls without doing it ourselves. In other words, our character will move by himself, which makes our Nintendo Switch practically unplayable.

The Dutch Consumers’ Association has joined forces with nine other EU countries to call on Nintendo to find a solution to this problem, as they believe that the Big N is still selling the Joy-Con with the same mistake.

In particular, they are asking all affected customers to lodge a complaint with Nintendo, but will first ask all affected customers to submit their complaints so that they can be brought before an EU committee to resolve this problem.

We remind you that Nintendo itself apologized for the Joy-Con drift, but consumer associations are calling for solutions and improvements to avoid this error.

Nintendo continues to sell consoles with the same problems and is not taking any steps to improve this. So, as far as we are concerned, they are doing the wrong thing,” said the statement from this consumer organization.

Has this problem occurred to you with the Joy-Con? We hope that Nintendo will offer a definitive solution for this, perhaps with a next model of Nintendo Switch for 2021, something that has been rumored in recent months…

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