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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – 7 reasons to be excited



Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time will be announced for Nintendo Switch in a few weeks

It has been confirmed that Crash 4: It’s About Time will hit our shelves in October 2020. The PlayStation classic has returned to our consoles with great success in recent years which led to much speculation that a new game would be added to the series.

The N. Sane Trilogy and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled were both hugely popular remasters, but it has been over a decade since a brand new title was released. That makes now the perfect time to carry on the recent success of the series with fans old and new.

Crash 4 looks set to return to the style that we all love from the early games in the series, but with plenty of new features and upgrades. While we still have three months until It’s About Time arrives, plenty of details have already been confirmed. Here are a handful of reasons to be excited about Crash 4.

Following On Directly From Crash 3: Warped

It’s About Time will take place directly after the events of Crash 3 : Warped, which ended with Cortex stuck in time and transformed back to his baby self.

The most popular characters from the series are those that were in Crash 3, such as Neo Cortex, Tiny and N. Gin. They all featured in both of the remasters making it the perfect point to continue the story with Crash 4.

Crash 4 will have similar gameplay as the first three games in the series, but with lots of new additions. After the initial three titles various other gameplay elements were added, but Crash 4 looks set to return to the classic gameplay we all know and love.
The levels will see you moving sideways or forwards taking Crash through a world of constant objects and enemies. While there are no open worlds, there are plenty of new possibilities within the levels which should give lots of replayability.

A New Developer With A History Of Coming Up With The Goods

The developers for Crash 4 are Toys For Bob who have become most well known in recent years for developing the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Like the Crash remasters, Sypro Reignited was very successful in updating the series for gaming in 2020. The two series are very similar across the board and working on the Sypro games will have been a huge help in the development of Crash 4.

They were also involved in the N. Sane Trilogy itself and most of their 30 years in the industry has been spent working on platformers.

The team at Toys For Bob have also stated on numerous occasions that they are huge fans of the series which make them the perfect team to be in charge as Crash makes his return.

DLC And New Skins

Crash 4 will include new content after the initial release in October. Nitro-Fueled had a host of extras on top of the original game and it is still being added to over a year after it came out. While DLC is more suited to a racing game than a platformer, new skins have already been confirmed for Crash 4 such as new outfits for Crash and Coco if you pre order.

The other DLC which could be a possibility is new levels, which would be vital in keeping players coming back after completing the initial story. There have been rumours of multiple timelines within Crash 4 which would give the developers the perfect excuse to add a brand new series of levels away from the main story at some point in the future.

Platformers don’t always have DLC and extra content, but the story in Crash 4 gives the developers the perfect opportunity to add whatever comes to mind post-launch.

Variation Of Old Levels

Crash 4 is a brand new entry to the franchise with all new levels and worlds but there is still going to be plenty of nostalgia with themes taken from previous games in the series.

Within the levels there is plenty that has taken inspiration from its predecessors. The trailer showcased a futuristic level very similar to the ones that were in Crash 3 but with new additions such as flying cars to hop across. This could mean that many of the worlds and themes from the series might be making a return in Crash 4.

Perhaps the most famous levels though are the ones with Crash running away from an enemy towards the screen. Previously we have seen boulders and dinosaurs chasing after Crash and they will be back once again in It’s About Time. They are some of the most enjoyable levels, but so frustrating levels at the same time.

Polished Visuals

The Crash remasters over the last three years have both looked visually incredible, but It’s About Time will have a very different design.

Developers Toys For Bob were responsible for the fantastic remaster of fellow platformer Spyro and the visuals are very similar to what they produced there. That is not a bad thing though as Spyro looked bright and brilliant.

The animations are slightly more cartoony than the remastered Crash games, but it will allow them to capture the series when it is at its loveable best.

In the levels that have already been showcased, in particular the colourful pirate world, the details are incredible and elevate the series to new heights with the help of technology not previously available to Crash.

Different Playable Characters With Their Own Moves

The previous Crash Bandicoot games have seen players take control of just Crash and Coco. Once again both will be the main characters in It’s About Time, but the big change will see some of their enemies from the series become playable.

Players will be able to use Neo Cortex with his own move set. This will include items unique to him such as a Ray Gun, which can be used to change items or enemies into static objects or bouncy platforms allowing you to get to new heights.

Different playable characters is a huge addition for the series and will provide different elements to gameplay in the same way the vehicle levels did when introduced in Crash 3.

It will be great to see which other characters will be available to play as, but we can expect some of the long time friends and foes from the series will be included.

A Brand New Game

While the remastered N. Sane Trilogy and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled were both fantastic and full of nostalgia there was only so much they could do. With the series back in the public eye, as well as being hugely popular it is the perfect time to bring out a completely new entry.

Unlike the remasters, Crash 4 has been completely built from scratch, rather then code from a previous game. This gives them a new creative licence which the series has not had on this generation of consoles.

From the footage and information available, it is clear this Crash will add more than ever before.

New worlds, new moves, new playable characters, a ridiculous amount of levels and brilliant visuals, Crash is back to dominate the platforming genre.

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