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Pokemon Go How to Unlock the USA Exclusive “Summer of Galaxy” Avatar Set for Free



The options that are considered for the September Community Day in Pokémon GO

Trainers, Samsung offers an exclusive Pokemon Go avatar set as part of their “Summer of Galaxy” promotion and one must redeem a special code to unlock the reward.

The attire that is featured now in Pokemon GO is a matching tie-dye shirt and hat for your character to put on. It is exclusively only available during this promotion.

Players need to redeem a special code through the Summer of Galaxy Owner Rewards Portal. After that, they have to visit Niantic’s Redemption portal to unlock their own character set.

There was a man who was kind enough to share his discovery, we can unlock the exclusive “Summer of Galaxy” Avatar set without making any purchase.

People in the USA:

Visit and create a new Samsung account. Use a valid email address and fake name + date of birth, as zip code use 10001. Verify the new Samsung account by opening your emails. Then visit and enter an email address. Open your emails and you will receive a code to redeem in PokemonGO!

People outside the USA:

Start a VPN with an IP-Adress of a city in the USA. Then do both steps.

A free VPN app for mobile phones that confirmed works is: TurboVPN (has an orange app icon with a white rabbit inside).

NOTE: You might receive “You have already redeemed this offer” notification. In this case, use your PC and try different emails until it works. In addition, the code has to be redeemed in Pokemon Go.

This exclusive Pokemon Go avatar will be available starting July 13. And there’s, even more, to come in this promotion. Samsung has previously said that the Summer of Galaxy is going to bring rewards from Xbox Game Studios, Epic Games, and Netflix.

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