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Crusader Kings 3: Great Lord of the Rings Mod now playable, but far from finished



Crusader Kings 3: Great Lord of the Rings Mod now playable, but far from finished

For many strategy players, Crusader Kings 3 is the dream come true of the Middle Ages. Since the game also has a very active modding community, it was only a matter of time before it became a dream for Lord of the Rings fans. Even before the release, a modding team announced that they would start work on a Middle-earth mod.

With realms in exile to Middle-earth

Now the first playable version has been published. The mod is called Realms in Exile. This is a so-called »total conversion« – a very large mod that changes the entire base game. But the current version only offers a small foretaste of what may still be.

Since, by the way, war is particularly important in a Lord of the Rings mod, we recommend our guide on GameStar Plus. There you will learn everything you need to win in Crusader Kings 3:

That’s already in Exile in Realms

The biggest change from Realms in Exile is obvious. The mod exchanges the earthly strategy map for Tolkien’s fantastic world Middle-earth. According to the modders, it is said to be the “most detailed Middle-earth map” that has “ever been seen in a Lord of the Rings game.” So far, however, you can only bring a small part of Middle-earth under your control:

The mod will initially focus on the areas in and around Rohan. So the lands of King Theoden, which we see in the films, especially during the events of “The Two Towers”. However, Realms in Exile begins in the year 3,000 of the third age. One year before Bilbo celebrates his 111th birthday and 18 years before Frodo leaves the Shire.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t send out an Uruk-hai army sooner to conquer Helm’s Deep and destroy the human world. Or you defend Rohan again.

Right now, Realms in Exile offers three playable factions:

  • Rohan: As King Theoden you rule your kingdom from Edoras. The king is not yet possessed by Saruman here and has a living heir. Rohan has the best cavalry on the continent.
  • Isengard: Rohan’s worst adversary during the War of the Ring is the white wizard Saruman. Here we hold out in the tower of Orthanc and build a huge army. But we should also be able to choose the good side here.
  • Dunland: The wild Dunlanders are manipulated by Saruman during the War of the Ring. Of course, if we take control ourselves, we are free to choose whose side we want to take

Cultures, events, and magic

Crusader Kings 3 isn’t always about war. The administration of our kingdom and the strengthening of our dynasty also play an important role. Realms in Exile tries to convert all elements of the main game as best it can. Practically everything has been redesigned to fit Middle-earth:

  • New Buildings: There are numerous new buildings, some of which are reserved for specific races and cultures. This also includes special buildings and wonders, such as Helm’s Gorge or the Paths of the Dead.
  • Cultures: The three large fractions are divided into smaller cultural groups. The Rohirrim and the Hadorim then belong to Rohan. There are also numerous underneath Dunlanders.
  • Events: The random events of Crusader Kings 3 make for exciting stories. This is also available in the Lord of the Rings mod. For example, as Saruman, we will at some point have the opportunity to join the forces of darkness.
  • Religion: The religion system is still quite rudimentary. There are only three beliefs: the free peoples of Middle-earth, the peoples of shadow, and the forces of evil. Later there should be more variety here.

According to the modders, there is also a kind of magic system with which we as the magician Saruman can carry out special actions. We can magically influence other characters, prepare explosives or summon Uruk-hai.

Realms in Exile is by far not the only mod for Crusader Kings 3 and not even the first total conversion.

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