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The irritating PS5 bug that Sony should fix as soon as possible



The irritating PS5 bug that Sony should fix as soon as possible

The user community has located an irritating error in the PS5 main menu, where deleted games retain a ghost shortcut.

If you’re one of the lucky owners of a PS5, you’re probably already enjoying your favorite titles, but perhaps what hasn’t quite convinced you is the console’s menu interface, which hasn’t exactly been bug-free since it was first released.

As with any technological device launch, there are a number of errors, but fortunately, most can be fixed by a system upgrade, something Sony is already working on.

But there is currently one irritating PS5 bug that Sony should fix as soon as possible, and while it’s not happening to every user, there are people affected and it’s basically the existence of ghost icons that stay in the user interface of the main menu when we delete one of our video games.

Depending on how they advance in the push square environment, some games are set to the start menu of the main interface area when they are deleted. Obviously, when you delete a game, you expect the shortcut to disappear from the main menu as well, but in this case, it doesn’t happen.

If you are one of the affected users, and you notice that when you have deleted a title the ghost shortcut remains in the main menu, it seems that if you start downloading the game again and cancel the installation, the shortcut disappears.

Fortunately, this is a user interface error that Sony will probably fix in a future update, so you can keep your home menu clean for titles that no longer interest you

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