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Cult of the Lamb: How does Crafting work



Cult of the Lamb: How does Crafting work

Cult of Lamb is the new management simulator where you are a cursed lamb who is trying to make his own satanic cult using his divine powers. It’s like Animal Crossing but crossover with an evil lamb who’s on a journey to get back to his Gods who have been captured by four dark Bishops. There are four different regions for each of the dark Bishops and have their own adventure which you will have to fight through to take on.

On your way, your main goal as the name suggests use your powers and make a flock of your own and build new structures using resources and use doctrines to possess your flock and increase their belief in you. So, you will be the supreme leader of your cult. There are rival leaders and you will be fighting them throughout your journey.

In this guide, we are going to cover one of the main parts of Cult of the Lamb that is crafting. You will be using crafting often as you’ve to build different structures for which you require resources, we will be going through how crafting works in Cult of the Lamb.

Crafting Structures

Crafting Structures is one of the main crafting mechanics of the Cult of the Lamb. You will have to build new and bigger for your Flock and followers for work and sleep in these structures. You will be constantly the facilities as your Followers grow. The crafting is very detailed and can be confusing but we will be covering it mixed with resources for you to get a better understanding. You will be needing a workbench first of all, like most of the games that have crafting mechanics. You can place the workbench in your base. You will be creating all the structures and facilities from the workbench. You can also craft decorations as well in the workbench.

You will be needing resources and gold in order to craft different items. After you’ve all the resources in your inventory that are required for crafting a particular item, you can go to your workbench and select the structure to build. Next, you’ve to select an open plot of land in your hub location and place the structure simply. You can further select your Followers to work on your structure as well.

New Crafting Blueprints

There are some structures that are locked and require blueprints in order to learn for crafting. Blueprints can be found by exploring different maps in the game and opening chests. There are new decorations and paths Blueprints which can you get from opening chests as well. There is another way to get blueprints as well it is by using the Divine Inspiration Skill Tree. You can also buy blueprints from different merchants that are available throughout the game. The higher the tier of the item the more it will cost for its blueprint.

Crafting Structures

Divine Inspiration Skill Tree has all the available items blueprints shown in the tree. It requires Devotion, when you’ve gotten enough Devotion XP it will unlock a certain item that matches for that Devotion to unlock in the Divine Inspiration Skill tree. You can then just simply use your point to learn that skill and will unlock the blueprint, you can check the unlocked blueprint for crafting on the workbench.


Crafting is also linked with resources in Cult of the Lamb. You can use Refineries to make better resources. You will have to get a refinery in order to make high-tier resources that are more valuable. You would have to put your normal resources into Refineries and it would refine them into more valuable resources. You can make a Refinery by going to your workbench and using the refinery blueprint to craft a refinery. You have to keep in mind that an item can be refined to one high tier each.

For example, iron can be converted into metal ingots. Such gold can be refined into gold bars.
You can assign one of your Follower to look after the resources that you’ve been wanting to refine using refinery. Refining takes a few minutes depending upon the resource that is being refined, you can use the chest to take out the refined materials. Now you can use the refined resources to create or use in crafting better structures for your followers and cult.

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